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Pure Planet explained

Here is a great viral video showing how you can save the planet and save your company money. This seemingly simple statement is explained in clear and understandable script which is driven by a wonderful animated character.

Check it out I think you will like it. It’s entertaining as well as informative. Don’t forget to become a fan at the end of the message since this is the whole purpose of this marketing device.

About Pure Planet from Pure Planet on Vimeo.

HTML 5 Explaned… sort of

It’s still being developed and has been talked about since 2004 and now it almost here. Yep it coming and nothing will step it. A lot of developers have HTML 5 sites all raady to go and most of the stuff is focused around mobile applications. HTML 5 will be a blessing and curse as it gets rolled out but in the long run we will all except it as the new norm.. that is till HTML 6 comes around. Here is an info graph to help explain itĀ  a bit better.

Just click the graphic for the big version.

Here is a quick video showing what HTL 5 is all about in just over 5 minutes. Now you can sound informed in your next networking meeting and get the attention of all the cute HTML5.

Social World in One Day

Here is a great social media experiment that started about a couple of months ago. I didn’t find it till past the deadline but those who shot some video that day should submit. Here is what it’s all about.

On July 24, people around the world made history by capturing glimpses of their lives on camera and submitting the videos to Life in a Day, an experiment to create a documentary about a single day on Earth. In total, 80,000 videos were submitted from 197 countries, making this the world’s largest user-generated film. Now, you can explore many of these videos in the gallery on the Life in a Day channel .

If you you would like to subscribe to the Youtube page please go here.

Old Spice by the Numbers – Case Study

Here is a followup on the Old Spice viral ad that took the internet by viral storm.

Now you can look at this fun and engaging case study that brings to light a lot of great facts. It also gives you a behind the scene look at the team working the response campaign that pushed the Youtube views to over 20 million in one week. The bottom line figures are staggering and I bet there are a bunch of ad agencies, bean counters and other cosmetic brands that are just blown away by these numbers.

You Should Be Leading A Tribe

Watch this wonderful talk on “TED” by Seth Godin who (if you don’t already know) is an entrepreneur and blogger (one of the most popular) who thinks about the marketing of ideas in the new digital age.

Seth Godin talks about how the Internet has changed mass marketing and revivedĀ  “tribes”. Founded on shared ideas and values, tribes give ordinary people the power to lead and make big change. He urges us to become leaders of our own tribe.

PR in a Social Media Age

Glee fans in a Malaysia flash mob

I think that people have had to tighten there belts and do more with less. Because of this, PR has had a chance to show that it can be a great way to promote a business cost effectively.

I think that the rise of social media as a PR tool is what is driving the PR renaissance in Canada. People are now much more involved with PR related ideas and events. The rise of Social media as an alternative form of marketing has made a big difference to the PR industry.

The ability to track and monitor PR through social media sources has enabled the industry to bring a lot more interesting data to the table. Street level events, trade shows, business events or event a “flash mob” get a lot of attention and instant feedback from people’s camera phones, Tweets and Facebook Walls.

People will react and post the wearied and unusual events or sightings by posting an image or short report instead of calling a friend. This is because the distribution of that cool sighting or mini-reports can be more efficiently distributed through their social media platforms and the creator of the content will get faster and better feedback. This is what drives the new Viral media content that keeps our social media platforms busy with new stuff to consume.

What is needed are more PR agencies that specialize in these platforms so that they can supercharge there PR campaigns with live feedback from people responding to “twitter blasts” and “Facebook Wall Posting”.

When a Commercial Becomes Entertainment

I would be great to get more ads that looked like this. The big brands have the budgets all they need is the guts to let people create concepts movies that feature there product but also entertain the audience. Here are 5 examples of the commercial as cinematic art.
BMW and the Action Thriller – 9 Minutes 30 seconds long

Hovis Bread and a Historical Autobiography of England – 2 Minutes 3 seconds long

Coke Japan and Blade-Runner style – 1 Minute long

Interesting side note to this last commercial. I was working for the ad agency that made this piece and got to work with the guys that sold these amazing ad concepts to Coke’s head office in Atlanta. I think the budget was around $800,000 for this one.

Driving Distribution Through Knowledge and Entertainment

Well worth watching even on a busy day.

This is a one of many wonderful animations that use a relatively complex and dry speech relating to advanced economics and consequence. By using hand drown caricature style animation you get entertainment, focus on key points, expanded understanding and because it’s on a social media platform you can redistribute the information. It is a classic example of driving distribution through knowledge and entertainment.

Who are the people who created this wonderful animation (and many more)?

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