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Facebook vs. Google+: Which Site is Better for Business?

Social networking war erupted when Google+ was developed to operate alongside Facebook, the current reigning social site. When compared closely together, there are many similarities in the two sites’ offered features. Google+ offers much in terms of video-chat calls and more streamlined friend classification, while Facebook provides many tried-and-tested amenities like Facebook Pages and Groups. But how do we know which site is better for promoting a business?

Here are some factors to consider:

1. Popularity

Let’s face it. Popularity does count, especially when you want to promote something. Facebook has more than 500 million users while Google+ has a much lower user count, around 1.5 million. You should, of course, advertise in a much wider area because this would enable you to connect with a larger number of people.  This gives your business more chance to connect to a more diversified audience, as well.

2. Google+ ‘Newness’

Novelty is a less beneficial quality for Google+. Since Facebook came out earlier, its features are more defined and organized. Google+ still has to polish its many features, which includes Google+ Pages. Given time, Google+ will have fixed glitches and be equipped enough to put up serious competition against Facebook.

3. Existing Features

Google+ has the edge over Facebook when it comes to features. With G+, you can integrate all Google services you’re currently using. There’s also better friend management in Circles, which makes it easier for you to protect your privacy more and share content with people you choose. Although Facebook has Lists, Circles are more structured, easier to use and offers tighter privacy settings. Video chats also have a large capacity in Google Hangouts. You can invite up to nine people and make your online conference available to everyone. This opens up a whole avenue of opportunities for businesses who want to use videos and reach out to more people.

4. User-friendly Format

Although Google+ takes pride in offering minimalist news feed design, it is not as easy to use as Facebook. There are some buttons, such as the Google Apps for Business, Nonprofits and Voice, which need to be rehauled to provide fast and easy to understand format. When Google+ is improved to facilitate user experience, it will surely become popular and more attractive for non-users. Given enough time and work, this social site will become big enough. By then, it will spark more exciting skirmishes with Facebook, the present social media giant.

Looking for Effective Communication Tools? Try Google+ Hangouts

Yes even Barack Obama does hangouts!

Google+ hangouts is a video chat program that allows a speaker to connect to nine more users to start a chat. There’s a lot of educational possibilities to be enjoyed when you use Google+ hangouts to discuss a business idea with clients. People from around the world can enjoy real-time conversations without leaving the comfort of their own homes. This is a more beneficial and cost-effective option than traveling to meet everyone in a faraway place.

Make meetings more manageable and easier to set up with a Google+ hangout. Here are some steps to follow to set up an online meeting using this marvelous piece of technology:

  1. If you don’t have a Google account yet, create a Gmail account and set up your own Google+ account. Everyone who needs to participate in a meeting with you should have their own Google+ account.
  2. Make sure you are all connected with each other. If not, send contact requests so you can soon start to enjoy video chatting.
  3. Integrate YouTube and Picasa accounts with your Google+ account. This will make it easier for you to immediately share videos and photos. You can also show your screen to everyone in the chat using the “share your screen” option.
  4. Test the system to see that the video and audio are working properly. This will minimize hassles and installation troubles by the time you set up your group conversation.

Still confused? Check out this how to video tutorial we have made to help you get started.

Social Content Group Online Strategy

Here is a great hangout with Ian, Daniel and Bob the three principal partners at Social Content Group. They all have a lot to say and their special skills sets are brought out during the show.

Find out why they attracted the Social Content Group and how they are using it to build the company. Ian talks about LinkedIn and shares some great insight,Daniel tells us how to approach the delicate proses of approaching people and building trust and Bob talks about strategy and its ole in your overall Social Marketing endeavours.