The Opportunity Called China

We have opened a subsidiary office in China and will be taking on North American clients as of April 2018.

Many North American companies have tried to enter this market and have failed, even the mega brands. The successful brands in China have adapted and are reaping massive profits and off the charts growth over the past 5 years. In our research and exploratory visits to China we have had the opportunity to talk and work with companies that have helped brands evolve and be profitable in the China.

China Isn’t a Free Ride to Profits

Don’t be one of the companies that fail because they did not understand that communication is 100% different than what you are used to in the North American market.

  • We have been holding meetings with top design and marketing agencies in China for the last 16 months
  • We have negotiated amazing deals for clients and have an in-depth support network in place
  • We are ready to make your business endeavors in China the best that they can be

Are You Ready for China?

  • Does your company have WeChat accounts setup and monitored
  • Have you built a 100% Chinese website hosted in China?
  • Do you have a representative sales office in China?
  • How many months of the year do you have an executive in place managing your marketing efforts in China?
  • Do you have a permanent display location in China’s 4 major cities
  • Do you have your distribution system setup for store to door delivery yet?

Why Guangzhou, and Not Beijing or Shanghai? 

In our last 6 week visit to China we signed of on our launch city of Guangzhou, which is in the southern area of China. Boasting a population of 14.5 million people and a GDP of US $147 billion, this city is a perfect location to help companies enter the China market. It is economically stable but also cost less (30%) than doing business in Shanghai.

Guangzhou has a unique strategic positioning for the manufacturing and distribution of goods in China. Shenzhen (12.5 million population and a GDP of US $338 billion) and Hong Kong are the secondary cities we will be focusing on in the spring of 2019. It’s strategic location is only a 1.5 hours flight to Shanghai (24.2 million population and a GDP of US $469 billion) and a 3 hour flight to Chinas capital of Beijing.