14 Trends in Web Based Design

This is a great post from the 1stwebdesigner blog that covers the newest trends in web design. I am very happy to see more of a magazine layout approach to the design these days.

The design of web based communication pieces has come a long way in the past couple of years. I’m finding that the concept and core idea behind these designs are fresher and the navigation is much cleaner. Here is a list of the trends.

  1. Huge headline and images
  2. Customized typography
  3. Print design influence
  4. CSS3 & HTML5 capabilities
  5. More visual effects
  6. Mobile compatible design
  7. Single page layout
  8. Minimalist & creative
  9. Multi column / grid system
  10. Custom illustrations & clean icons
  11. Social media is a must
  12. Introduction
  13. Modal boxes / Light boxes