Bruce Sterling Introduces New Words

Finally someone steps up and talks about the mumbo-jumbo vocabulary that is used to describe our daily dose of reality. It was all happening live today at the very cool alternative the TED talks. “Pop! Tech” has been around for several years now and as I was watching the live stream I got board and checked out some of the older presentations. Pop! Tech isĀ  more down-to-earth and hands-on compared to TED, this is a very cool information driven presentation forum for all things new and groovy. Go here to check his video out.

Want more?

Then check out this guy. Dan Ariely on Irrational Economics.

MIT professor Dan Ariely believes that the starting point for making better decisions, particularly with financial matters, requires understanding the impulse to act irrationally.

At PopTech 2009, Ariely discussed an excerpt from his new book, The Upside of Irrationality, about the role of emotions in the workplace.