Sexy New Bag That Will Save The World

PUMA Revolutionizes the Shoe Box and gets  a ton of PR out of the deal too!
Story research comes from Rebecca Paul’s Blog

Designer Yves Behar and fuseproject has redesigned the shoe-box and set a new industry standard for both packaging and distribution all in one great packaging idea. After creating 2,000 box ideas the team decided to get rid of the box altogether and has introduced to the world a newer, greener way to ship shoes… introducing, “Clever Little Bag.”

The bag’s structure is provided by a single cardboard sheet, and uses 65% less cardboard than the standard shoe box. The Clever Little Bag has no tissue paper, no laminated printing, takes up less space than a traditional shoe box and weighs less. The bag is non-woven which requires less work for assembly and because it is stitched with heat, produces less waste. The bag’s material is 100% recyclable or reusable by the consumer to store and organize their shoes.

PUMA ships tens of millions of shoes every year, and with the Clever Little Bag, water, energy and diesel consumption on the manufacturing level alone will be reduced by more then 60% annually. What that breaks down to is 20 million Megajoules of electricity saved, approximately 8,500 tons less paper consumed, 1 million liters less fuel oil used and 1 million liters of water conserved. As for transport, the Clever Little Bag will save 500,000 liters of diesel, and by replacing the evil retail shopping bag the difference in weight will save almost 275 tons of plastic. With these kinds of numbers keep tuned for all sorts of new bag designs by the top manufacturers in the coming months and years.

This story is all over the web and you will probably see it on your TV in a week or two.