Eight Business Card Tips

I was going through the hundreds of business cards I have all over my desk and realized there are some basic things that people should use when deciding what to put on a business card. You would be surprised what people leave out or make impossible to read.

  1. Make sure your card can be scanned. A lot of people use card scanners these days (I should do this ASAP) and there is nothing more frustrating than a card that can’t be scanned. Of course you could go and put a bar-code on your card or just get a .tell address. (go here and here for more .tel info)
  2. Don’t make non-standard sizes or shapes. Why? They can’t fit into binders. Many people use car holders to transport there favourite contacts around without hem or organize all there contacts in binders at the office. The smart phone will not replace the printed card until technology get a lot better.
  3. Make sure the basics are on there. You know, your name, title, company, address, phone and fax numbers, email, URL.
  4. There is a new trend for people to not use their .com address because it is already used in there e-mail address. I use this saved space to put my blog address on my cards.
  5. Include a line about what you do. Many cards don’t have any information about what either the company or you, personally, do. I have a short punchy line about what we do as well as an offer on the back of my cards. Get your card working for you. It’s one of the most inexpensive ways to market your business.
  6. Make your card stand out by breaking rules. A businessman I know just has his .tel address on his card. It enables him to start conversations about the new .tel communication revolution. I often use both sides of a card, one side with the info and the other with a mini billboard ad. Make people smile or consider a new perspective. Remember you want to be remembered.
  7. If you do business in two countries, include both languages. All my card in Asia had two languages. I had a set for Japan and China. If you do business in North America you could have fun with an American side and a Canadian side Ah! (See tip 5)
  8. Always carry lots of cards on you at all times. I stash some in my business bags and also in my casual backpack just in case I run out of cards in my wallet.

Now it’s your turn to come up with some great tips. Also don’t forget to organize those piles of cards on your desktop at least one a month.