Be More Popular with Facebook

Fascinate Facebook Fans to Earn More Likes

Creating a Facebook page is easy, but making it popular is a pressing problem. More and more businesses are becoming more well-known in Facebook and you might get passed over by customers if you don’t change your strategy. Intrigued about the reasons why customers click ‘Like’ on those company pages you’ve seen? Here are some of the reasons:


1. Discounts and promotions are effective in attracting more people to ‘like’ your page. Nothing entices like a good bargain for customers who want to save more on their living expenses. Introduce special deals from your Facebook page like 20% off on certain products anytime of the year.

2. Put up signs in your store saying, “Like us on Facebook and get access to exclusive content.” You can also use your website to drive more visitors to your Facebook page. For example, you’re in the bookstore business. Ask permission from authors to post excerpts of their work on your Facebook page. This would make fans more interested in looking up your page and becoming a member. You can also post special offers available only for Facebook fans to get more traffic.

3. Many people go crazy over freebies. Offer free promotional items like mugs and pens pasted with your logo, business name and message. This would further make you popular, as people will remember your business from the free merchandise you gave away.

4. Providing updates on future products works like a charm in bringing more fans to your page. This would only happen, however, if you’re particularly well-known for the quality of your products. You can post videos showing off the features of your upcoming merchandise. This technique can also work if you’re selling high-end electronic gadgets. Put catchy ads on your page saying, “Products Coming Soon,” especially for highly anticipated items like the latest mobile phone models and more.

5. Sale updates are a highly effective method for spreading the word about your Facebook page. Announce one or three-day sales offering up to 75% discounts in your page. This would make fans inform friends, family and other people about the sale. Others would ‘share’ the link or photo of your sale ad on their wall. Their friends will click it and they’re redirected to your page. Now, isn’t that a good way to promote your page?

6. Make your page a portal for fun and entertainment. Post fun articles that you think your fans will enjoy. Make use of old recipes or share a hilarious picture. This can excite your fan base to check out your page more often so they can amuse themselves.

7. A page that allows fans to interact with each other creates a casual and inviting atmosphere where they can say what’s on their mind. Ask them questions about their favorite product from your store or what products they want you to keep in inventory. Your page is also a good avenue for you to address concerns and complaints. Answering them in a confident and diplomatic manner can further endear you to your fans.

8. Once people become curious about your business, they look for you online. Make your page informative about your goals, products and services and commitment to customer service. A page lacking in information can turn off prospective customers. Beef up your About Us section to enable fans to get to know you better. This would enable them to learn more about your company and make them feel that they’re not dealing with bots.

9. A company that’s concerned with their customers discloses information about their products and services. Keep fans well informed on how your business can benefit their well-being. If you’re overseeing a spa, feature content about the advantages of massage and other services you have. Be sure to include details about appropriate therapies for every type of customer. Educating your clients can also make them feel they can trust and rely on you.

10. A company that regularly updates their Facebook page is a company with regular readers. Post updates on your store’s latest events and projects to make your fans engage more with you. This would further encourage fans to interact with you online or offline.

Once you captivate fans to your business, you’ve almost got it made. Not maintaining contact with them will unravel your relationship-building efforts and make it difficult to connect with them again. Keep your communication lines open to form strong associations with them. This will make them show their support for your company by letting people they know about you. Other users are more likely to ‘like’ a page their own friends recommend.