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How to Find Out Whether Your Experiment Pages will Get a Desired Number of Visits

You realized that your website is not enticing as much traffic you’d like. You’ve coordinated with your article writers and web developers about creating two new pages. These pages will be compared against each other to find out which will better attract more visitors to the website. How do you find out which page will fare better?

Google Analytics can help you measure the traffic generated by the two pages. Log into your account and click the Content tab in the left-hand panel of the dashboard. A drop-down menu will appear under Content. Click ‘Experiments.’This will lead you to:

Enter the URL you want to improve then click ‘Start Experimenting.’ You can also click the YouTube video on the right-hand corner to get more details on how this feature works.

Here, you can enter the variation pages, which you’d like to get data from. You can click ‘+ Add Variation’ to add a maximum of five variation pages to compare against each other.

This time, you need to set a goal for your experiment pages and place a limit on the percentage of visitors included in the research. Click ‘Next.’Get the experiment code. You can use this code to track the number of visits and other visitor-interaction data you need to accumulate for your research.

For the last step, you’ll be asked to review what you’ve entered for your experiment. If you need to change some details, click ‘Back’ to correct wrongly encoded data. Once everything is accurate, click ‘Run experiment now.’

Once enough time has passed, you can visit the Experiments page to see how your variant pages are doing.

Getting this data for your content experiment project helps a lot in finding out which type of content your target audience likes best. This would help you write better articles and attract more visitors to your website.



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