Expanding Your LinkedIn Network

How to Become Popular in the Professional Network

Build up your standing in currently the world’s largest professional social networking site. More than just a job search tool, LinkedIn has become a hot spot for groups seeking to exchange ideas about their respective fields. It has also helped businesses gain contacts and customers, especially for B2B accounts. Join your industry and touch base with former colleagues, bosses and experts. With LinkedIn, you can build strong connections for lifelong work relationships.

1. Look for connections.

Be on the lookout for people you know who may be on LinkedIn. Use ‘Connect with Colleagues,’ ‘Connect with Alumni,’ and ‘Connect with People You May Know’ to find people you have known before but never got the chance to touch bases with. Look up old classmates, teachers, professors, club members and other acquaintances whom you have a connection. If you cannot find them in the network, send emails inviting them to join LinkedIn.

2. Ask for introductions.

You want to connect with somebody but they’re unfortunately out of reach. Ask a mutual connection to introduce you. This introduction from your connection will serve as a recommendation to the second or third-degree contact you want to join with. This is better than using a random connection request, which may not be granted in the end.

3. Beef up your profile with recommendations.

Make your LinkedIn profile look good with some recommendations from former superiors and colleagues. These endorsements show recruiters and other people interested in connecting with you know more about your job performance, work aptitude and attitude, as well as achievements. Users who are recommended are more likely to get noticed and searched, which inevitably leads to important connections. When asking for recommendations, ask people whom you’ve worked closely before since they would know you better than anyone else at work.

4. Answer questions.

Respond to public queries listed to exhibit your knowledge and expertise about certain subjects. LinkedIn users who regularly provide correct replies earn more connections, especially in their field.

Answer questions well to receive awards from Q&A forums. You can start building a network of people whom you’ve helped enlighten with your answers.

5. Start or join a group.

Beginning and maintaining a group garners lots of connections and builds relationships with everyone whom you encounter. This avenue will also help you meet other professionals in your industry and create opportunities for self-improvement. Communication and people skills will be honed, as well, which makes groups a great way to build your online presence.


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