Get Your Customers Talking about Your Brand

How Blogging can Start Your Marketing Campaign and Spread Word about Your Business

You’ve heard about how content can drive a high pace of customer engagement for many businesses. How do you get the same benefits they now enjoy? What you can do is to study their content marketing strategies. One thing you’ll notice is that they all have blogs where they feature write-ups about their products and services, company news, and more. But, other than that, are they doing something else you don’t know?

People talking about your content make others curious enough to search for your store. This causes brand awareness, customer calls and possible sales leads. This is why you cannot discount the influence that properly written content can bring to your business.

Here is a three-pronged approach to help you make shareable content for your fans and followers in social media:

1. Blogging

Other than a website, you need a blog to lend a personal voice to dry business content. A website will show how your business came to be, your products or services and your ‘claim to fame’ or specific specialties. A blog, on the other hand, will give a more humane touch to your enterprise. Here, you can post tidbits of news on a company event. You can also provide conversational content about how your product can better meet certain needs.

With a blog, customers are encouraged to communicate with you. They feel as if you’re talking to them online through your written words. Once they feel reassured by your writing voice and approach, you can engage their attention to your merchandise; how it can enrich their lives. People like buying from vendors they are familiar with. If you don’t take the time to sustain the interest of your existing customers, they might be enticed to go to another company who can give the same product with more personal service.

Prompt responses to customer inquiries on your blog can also make customers feel they can trust you to attend to their concerns professionally. This increases customer interaction and satisfaction with your brand.

2. Content Distribution

Go to the hubs where your target audience congregates. Set up social media accounts to provide quality content to a wider number of current and prospective clientele. If your content is catchy and creative, it can spread like a virus, until everyone’s talking about it and sharing it around.

You can also post pay-per-click advertisements and other types of online marketing material on other sites. Upon clocking, users can be redirected to their blog or social networking pages.

3. Content Reinvention

When you post updates on your blog, old content get buried and go unnoticed. Bring new life to your old posts. Think what type of media suits it more. Would pictures work? How about videos? Turn earlier posts to a trending type of content to continue catching attention, this time from viewers and readers who haven’t seen the old content before.

Make content marketing a priority for your business. Try out the three methods explained above and see your campaigns ramp up.



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