Is Social the New Landscape for Generating Amazing Ideas?

What sparks the flash of brilliance?

How does groundbreaking innovation happen?


If you are interested in these questions take a couple of minutes to check out this innovative animation that helps clarify these questions so that you the observer can build your own answer. As with most everything on the internet these days it’s not the answer we are looking for but the ability to simplify the job of sifting through the unbelievable amount of facts available to us at the drop of a keystroke.

This form of communication (white board animation) is becoming increasingly popular. The proses for creating these types of communication tools starts with great contant. Usually a speech or a lecture that has a relatively complex idea being explained. The animation takes the key points of the speech and illustrates it as we listen tot he words. It is a great way to help the brain focus and understand abstract ideas much faster.

Here is another post link to another white board animation on 20th century enlightenment.