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How Online Marketing is the Start of the Internet Age

The early years of Internet Age has brought about the rise of the social networks. People now search for everything they need on the web—whether groceries, clothes, contractors or vacation packages. Savvy businessmen, like Jeff Bezos of and Pierre Omidyar of eBay, had realized the Internet’s potential. They opened up their enterprises to the world through their computer servers and now continue to gain success in their endeavors.

Small businesses have then followed suit and took a slice of the social media pie. Their online marketing methods have driven customers to their brick-and-mortar establishments to get what they need. How did they do it?

According to an infographic from, 61% of small business use social media sites like Twitter and Facebook to identify and attract new customers. They also connect online to maintain contact with their clients. Their success is determined with 53% of people on Twitter suggesting companies to their own followers. 48% of those 53% make true on their promise to buy.

This burgeoning success of reaching out to customers in the online world has helped entrepreneurs to maintain steady growth and development. This attention to the online media can make us think that there may come a time when everything that can be transferred online might be relocated. One likely scenario is that online materials will completely take over the print media. Almost everyone we know will exchange their ordinary mobile phone and laptop or desktop computer to a smartphone and tablet. Shopping will be conducted online, making business owners remodel their shops. They renovate to offer comfortable reception areas while the rest of the space is dedicated to store merchandise.

It makes us wonder what happens if every business we can think of are available online. Web business directories are sure to pop up. All we have to do is to type the kind of product or service we need and a list will be provided. We click the choices and see a profile containing the business name, physical address and other details pertinent to their line of work. There will be a mixture of positive and negative reviews as well, interactive maps where we can get directions and photo galleries of finished products, facilities and equipment.

Merchandise will be delivered by flying trucks delayed due to air traffic. The ground will become (hopefully) green again as plants and trees planted in spaces vacated by land roads and highways. Phones will enable the callers to see the people they’re talking to. Wouldn’t that be nice?

The above may seem too futuristic, but it can happen, right? It is already happening with the current generation’s fixation on social networking and businesses following suit.

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