Why Apps are Killing Google and Other Insights

Here is a great presentation on why Google is in a declining market.
Venture Capitalist Roger McNamee talks more about the near future of the internet and Google.

So why should you listen to this guy?

Well here is a bit about his influence. Bill Gates wrote in his book The Road Ahead: “Roger was a great sounding board for many of the ideas I wrote about”. Mark Zuckerberg (who met McNamee in summer 2006 at a time when Facebook reportedly had buyout offers of around $750 million) said McNamee was “emphatic” that Facebook not be sold; Zuckerberg stated he “clearly cared about building something long-term and about the impact of the things we build as opposed to just making money in the short term”, advice that Portfolio.com called “prescient”: in October 2007, Facebook sold just 1.6 percent of the company to Microsoft for $240 million.

Here he is again talking about engagement which he calls a “transformational change” in the way people will use the internet. This is your chance to catch up to what has been going on over the past 10 years and engage your target audience as never before.