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Booting Up Your Business


5 Digital Tools to Advance Your Brand in 2013

Bringing your business online is just the first step in establishing your brand among online audiences. Other than creating a visually pleasing, easily navigable and user-friendly website, you’ll need a blog or podcast, as well as a few social media pages. There are also other tools you need to make your online marketing campaigns a success. Here are some tools recommended by CheapSally.com, which you can use to fully realize the potential of your campaigns and earn more customers:

1. Social Bookmarking

Social bookmarking allows users to save bookmarks on a public site and tag them with keywords. These keywords will allow you to easily find bookmarks you have saved. You’ll need to register on a social bookmarking site so you can store bookmarks, which you can designate for public or private use. Visitors on these sites can search for resources using keywords, persons or popularity to see the public bookmarks registered users made.

Popular social bookmarking sites include Twitter, Pinterest, Digg, StumbleUpon, Reddit, and more. Brands can use these sites to save their finds and share them with their followers. This will encourage engagement as followers will be exposed to your products and services, resources, and other marketing content. You can also post interesting pictures and links that will engage your followers’ attention and make them more interested in what you’re posting. One business who gained success in using a social bookmarking site is Whole Foods.

Whole Foods used Pinterest to show boards, which interest their customers. From plants to recipes to kitchen decorations, this business has engaged followers until they grew to have more than 60,000 followers.

2. F-Commerce

Facebook is the largest social media site today with more than 800,000,000 users. With this site, you can create ecommerce opportunities to boost your sales. This especially works for businesses which are popular on Facebook. Show your appreciation for their continued engagement with exclusive product offers. Encourage them to share the limited offer to their friends. According to research, “users are four times as likely to conduct a transaction inside Facebook if it is referred to them by a trusted friend.”

Promote your exclusive offers on weekends when users are likely to be online. As they spend more or less 25% of their web browsing time on Facebook, there’s ample opportunity for your business to garner attention and incur sales.

Giving exclusive offers like what Oscar de la Renta did can bring more likes to your Facebook page and make it easier to reach a wider audience.

3. Digital Deals

Coupons are the way to a savvy shopper’s heart. Catch the attention of bargain-hunting users with discount offers on your page. This has the added benefit of increasing engagement on your page and attracting more people to browse your content. Coupons also have a way of getting new customers inside your store. This gives you a chance to widen your client base, so ensure you make those deals enticing. Strive to perform stellar customer service to make them come back and become regular visitors.

Any business can use deals to make more people come to their shop. Inquire with deal sites to promote your business using coupons.

4. Mobile Photo Sharing

Most of us have a fascination with pictures, as these can serve as records of memorable times. This spurred the development of Instagram and other picture editing and sharing applications. Businesses can use this tool to take pictures of their own products and services in beautiful and creative ways. Milysan Troche used Instagram to post images of her fashionable outfits. She quickly gained popularity with her tasteful style until followers inquired whether she can post and help them sell their slightly used luxury merchandise. Troche’s consignment business grew rapidly until her Instagram cannot handle the demand as fast as it used to. This made Troche launch MyHauteCloset.com where multiple items are sold on the same day they are posted.

Other businesses can also succeed on Instagram. One thing to keep in mind about posting on this application is to ensure you publish only the most beautiful images you have of your merchandise. Poorly taken pictures will not succeed, so make sure to take good pictures or hire a professional to help you out.

5. Gamification

Gamification employs gaming mechanics to encourage users to behave as desired and through the use of a point and reward system. Badges, levels, challenges and the possibility to level up increase the users’ motivation and make them engage more.

One example of this method is Foursquare, an app used to save and share the places you’ve visited. When users record where they have been, they earn points, challenge friends, earn badges, and become ‘Mayors’ of places they visited.

The Bottom Line

These tools can help businesses earn success for their marketing campaigns. Using these tools helps you learn which method will work best for your trade. Consider each one to supplement the traffic coming to your website and social networking pages.







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From Offline to Online: Brands Moving to the Internet

How a Brand can Gain Popularity and Earn More Customers on the Web

Brands and social media are like milk and cereal; they go together. It is the same with brand representatives or product endorsers. They create attractive brand images customers love. Popular brand representatives like the models we see in television commercials for certain products or services use social networks. They strive to make their endorsements popular for the masses. From shampoos and vacuum cleaners to clothing and houses, brand representatives can influence people to like what they’re promoting.

Lee Seung Gi, a famous actor in South Korea, became Pizza Hut’s endorser for the South Korean market. His popularity helped makePizza Hut a well-known name for ordering pizza in Seoul and other SoKor cities.

Brand representatives use the elements of social media in marketing products. Actors like Lee Seung Gi are good looking, talented, charismatic, and have large fan bases to boot. We’ll see the following points if we compare Lee Seung Gi’s qualities as a brand representative with an entrepreneur’s tendency to attract customers:

Brand representatives must earn fans’ loyalty through their achievements. This is the same with entrepreneurs. They must impress customers with the fine quality of their products and the level of their service. Using social media to promote this image takes much work and effort. When creating social network accounts for your company, you must encourage satisfied customers to follow or like your pages. Ask them to recommend your page to people they know. This way, you acquire followers whom you can engage with relevant and interesting content.

Effective brand awareness campaigns attract more customers. It pays to have your own product endorser who promotes your merchandise in a way that charms your target demographic. You must choose someone with a compelling character, quick wits, and good looks to represent your product. Choosing brand representatives like Lee Seung Gi who make your target market want to try out certain goods will be good for your branding campaigns.

Social media can help your brand representatives encourage people to engage your business. Social media campaigns can turn loyal fans into devoted customers who love your products. You’ve got it made if you can get an influential celebrity or an ordinary person with a potential to become famous to effectively promote your brand. Your brand will be memorable to people who encounter your social media campaigns. They’ll become enamored of your product endorser and your merchandise, too.

Why don’t you try this branding strategy for your own business? This might just be the key to make your business popular online.


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Building a Brand through Social Media

How Entrepreneurs can Start on Online Business Campaigns

As the Internet grows older, new applications pop up. Websites and search engines came first, and then the social networks started appearing and attracting users from almost every part of the world. Before social media, businesses can put up a well-designed website and tweak it now and then for updates. Entrepreneurs can tell their customers, “Please look us up in the web at this address…”

Nowadays, it’s not enough to have just a website. You’ve got to have a blog and at least two social media pages. And you have to to update the blog and the pages every three days or at least once a week. The basics of social networking may give you a headache, but you have to understand that the world is becoming a small neighborhood. You can have followers and fans as near as the next block and as far as a country on the other side of the world.

How do you build up awareness of your brand? What do you do to create a good image for it and make people love it?

1. Go where people come together online.

Before you plunge into a social network, think whether it would be suitable for your needs first. According to Phillip Davis, when it comes to business-to-consumer brands, go to Facebook, Pinterest, Tumblr and other visual content sites. Do you want to cultivate business-to-business connections? LinkedIn is your best bet. For people seeking to spread ideas, Twitter or Quora can be the place for you.

Don’t get excited and set up business accounts in every social network you encounter. You might bite off more than you can chew and be swamped with updates that need to be uploaded to all social media sites. It will be better if you set up one account first. Once you get used to the basics of the first one, you can create another account in a new social network.

2. Choose what voice to use for your brand.

Customers prefer stability when it comes to brands they’ve come to love. Assume a voice suitable for your brand. If you’re a bookstore owner selling old and rare specialty books on obscure subjects, you can adopt a scholarly grandfather’s voice in creating content. A trendy clothing shop? Be conversational and use a friendly voice that speaks to your target demographic.

You also need to use your preferred voice as soon as you start setting up the account. Using a different voice may confuse customers.

3. Focus on writing quality content every time.

What is more important—updating your blog every day with haphazardly written prose or uploading well-done content each week? Quality content is more important than any update released regularly. Readers are more attracted to businesses that provide well-crafted content. An organized written piece shows that a business is committed to providing the best possible merchandise.

Trying out social media for the first time can be an overwhelming experience, especially for those who are not active in social networking sites. It is all right to take small steps first, so you will not make much mistakes. This is better than plunging right in the bandwagon and get confused at what you should try first.



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