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When Viewers Don’t Catch the Bug

What to Do with Videos that Don’t Go Viral

It can be quite disheartening to see videos we’ve spent time and huge effort to make get only a low number of views. We’ve spent many hours preparing and shooting the video, editing it, and crossing our fingers for luck as we upload it on YouTube. But sad to say, it only got 100 views, or maybe even less than in its first two weeks. Don’t lose heart! According to YouTube, only a very small percentage of videos garner more than a million views. In fact, the video-sharing giant declares that 45 hours’ worth of video are uploaded every minute of every day. In that light, how many chances will your video get enough eyeballs against the competition?

Don’t let your videos languish in anonymity inside your table drawers. Bring out the records of your videos and post them with your website content. Set up social networking pages where you can share your videos to your customers. If your videos are shot well, they’ll be more likely to watch them and trust you more as a reliable vendor.

Videos are also beneficial for bloggers. Why not post a how-to video with your article, or tag a promotional post with an informational video about your products? This will largely help your marketing efforts as followers engage more with posts that have visual content. Pictures and videos attract more eyes, and therefore more engagement—the essential ingredient for marketing success.Make your videos more social to generate more viewers. Do you have humorous clips you have filmed before? Post them on your Facebook or Twitter page to get laughs and attract more interest on your other posts. Laughter is the best way to your customers’ hearts. It makes people want to replay your videos and chortle some more. Once they share the video, other people become aware of your brand. Even if you didn’t manage to win your YouTube audience, your luck might turn around when you post your videos with your posts. This may catch the interest of your viewers and make your business more visible online.

Bring out videos you’ve worked hard to film. Show them off with your marketing posts to get more people to check out your content. The more interesting and visually appealing ones will get the most engagement!



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How to Make Videos Popular Among Your Target Audience

A video with a story that engages the viewers’ interest retains more attention. Stories that intrigue, shock, amuse or horrify stick more to the memory than videos with bland beginnings and dramatic endings. This is because the first 10 to 15 seconds are most vital to make your viewers stay tuned. Loading time can make the Internet connection slower, and viewers will close the tab if you don’t manage to make them curious enough to watch the whole clip.

How do we start videos with a bang? First thing to do is to deliver a catchy first sentence, whether it’s about the beauty of the virgin forests in the Himalayas or the rising trends of climate change. Make sure your message doesn’t run to 2 to 3 minutes. Anything longer than that can make viewers fidget and lose attention in what you’re trying to convey. If you’re using music, make sure that it matches your message. Improperly chosen background music can jar the attention and make viewers confused.

It also helps to keep the videos personal and conversational. Speaking to your audience as if they’re with you make them feel closer and more connected to you. Make it as short as 90 seconds and keep your viewers engaged with snappy and appealing monologue. Use examples that they can apply in real life. This would make them more connected to you and persuade them to share your video to their friends. Ask them to leave comments or post video replies. If you’re successful, this will start a trend of a series of videos in reaction to your query.

Read through your viewers’ comments. Chances are they will say exactly what they want to watch. For example, you made a video about flower shops, and one viewer commented that she’d like to watch something about the local flower farms in a specific area. This would help you create videos that would encourage closer customer attention and more feedback. Responding to their video replies with another video can also spur further customer engagement and make your videos go viral.



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How Videos Make or Break it in the Attention Scale

You created videos to show off your business to the online world but your watch count hasn’t pinged a large number. It stagnant, and you don’t know what to do. You’ve done your best to ensure that the videos are of the highest quality, but they’re not sufficiently attracting enough eyeballs. You start to wonder what you did wrong.

A video consultant has looked over your videos and said that your videos are all too long. Each video runs 30 minutes where a speaker discusses various topics. How is it possible, you think, that those well-rendered videos of yours failed to catch interest?

According to the study undertaken by BBC News, the average attention span of a human runs as short as nine seconds. So, when we have to watch a video or read an article, the concentration fades and thoughts meander to other topics or we fall asleep or open another tab in a browser. This makes it important to keep videos as short as two to three minutes to sustain attention.

If we base how customers engage with videos according to the graph above, videos as long as five minutes can still retain 50% interest. With this in mind, we have to ensure that the most important aspect of what we want to share is shown at the first part of the video. Remember that the longer the video runs, the shorter the concentration gets. But, how about movies? Most movies run about 1 1/2 hours and yet cinemas remain full of people staring at the screen. That is because movies hold attention captive through catchy dialogue, fast action or an exciting storyline. Most business videos are visual and verbal explanations. There’s no jumping around or horseplay, unless the video is about humor or action.

How do you catch and maintain interest in your video:

It is essential that you take the attention of your viewers in the first few seconds. Go straight to the point and start on your main points before the first minute ends. Be spontaneous and conversational, too. A speech will make the video have a formal feel. This would disrupt attention immediately, as people always look for something entertaining to watch.

As the attention span is quite low, we can expect that there is lower engagement for videos above one minute. For business videos as long as 60 minutes, an average of only 13 minutes is watched. It is important to make a video short in length, yet meaty in content to make viewers watch as long as 3-5 minutes.

How do you make interesting videos that encourage customer engagement?

  • Keep your video short.
  • Make an interesting yet keyword-optimized title. Catch attention with a funny, shocking or intriguing title, yet insert some keywords to make it easier for search engines to find it.
  • Keep a balance of steady and moving shots. If the camera stays static and focused only one thing, viewers will most click the ‘close’ button.
  • Show your website address on the video to persuade customers to check out your site after watching.
  • Make use of people who have a camera presence. Look for someone who’s photogenic, confident and smart. Viewers are more likely to stay and watch if the speakers are good-looking and certain of themselves.
  • Spice up the comments section. Interesting exchange of feedback would cause intrigue with the readers and might make them watch the video some more. Delete any negative comments. You don’t want this type of comments influence your viewers.
  • Study the mechanics of viral videos in YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and other social media sites. In YouTube, you have to do your best to get your video on the ‘Most Viewed’ section, while popular Facebook videos get shared many times.
  • Tap everyone you know to watch your video and share it on the web. This will help spread the video, eventually making it viral.
  • Use analytics and tracking application to properly measure the popularity of the video and determine it has been effective in capturing attention.

Before you upload your finished video, ask people you know to watch it first. Get their honest opinion. Did they watch it with eyes glued on the screen, looking for more clips to watch? Or did they turn off the video and switch to another after a few seconds? You’ll know your video is effective when almost everyone who’ve seen it liked, or better yet, raved about it. If the feedback isn’t what you expected, you’re better off editing or making a new video altogether.

Happy filming to you!