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For More Personal Facebook Networking Experience

Enabling Subscriptions to Make Social Media Personal for Followers

When it comes to marketing, it’s more important to connect to your followers than to further think of ways to make them like your product and earn more profit. Connections are far more essential, as people are trusted more when they engage with their Facebook friends. But how should you use your personal Facebook account to connect with fellow professionals who want see you in a more personal light online? Wouldn’t it be a bit dangerous to confirm their friend request? Other than that, wouldn’t they be turned off with that picture of you gulping down a mug of beer?

The best way to connect to your followers on Facebook is to allow subscriptions. With subscriptions, you can allow your public posts to appear on your followers’ News Feed. Building connections, of course, means no selling. Post only helpful tips and share links from trustworthy online resources for blogging, content marketing and other social marketing topics. Make sure the pictures you share are relevant to your profession, but make the caption more personal. Be creative in posting funny and engaging posts, and use ‘I,’ ‘we,’ and ‘us’ often. These words signal personal engagement and encourage followers to ‘like,’ ‘comment’ and ‘share’ your content.

Allowing public subscriptions is still a bit risky. This makes it necessary to learn about Facebook privacy settings. Make sure your personal status updates, photos, and links are safely hidden. Limit the number of people who can see your private posts. Tweak the privacy button of your previously published photo albums, videos, and more. This will protect them from public view and let you share only those pieces of content which are socially acceptable for online acquaintances.

“It only takes four Likes and four comments to rise to the top of the newsfeed.” – Penny Sansevieri, marketing specialist at AMarketingExpert.com

Update your posts with original write-ups about your area of expertise. Share your professional take on social media matters and provide information about different topics related to your line of work. You can also spice up the content with humorous comic strips, thoughtful quotes and other content you can safely make public. This will endear you to your followers and encourage them to keep up with your updates. Just remember not to sell, and only post content that engages the interest of your colleagues, customers, and other followers.



Useful Facebook Apps for Your Business Page

With more than 900 million users to date, Facebook has branched out from offering personal accounts to providing businesses, organizations and brands with various marketing options. You can now create pages for local businesses, companies, brands, celebrities or causes. These applications continue to be developed to make the pages more interactive for administrators and members. Here are some apps enhance your page for a more social experience:

1. Forums for pages

If you want a discussion board where members can exchange ideas and views about certain topics, a forum is the right choice for your needs. With forums, you can add moderators, manage banned users and stay in the know about your members’ views on different subjects concerning your business. You can build and nurture lasting relationships with members and increase traffic with repeat visitors.

2. Involver RSS for pages

Publish posts easier with an RSS feed to automatically syndicate blog entries, articles, news headlines and other content. Distribute entries automatically to your Facebook page to encourage users to join in conversations.

3. Twitter app

Having a Twitter app on your Facebook page will engage more users who have their own Twitter handles. This will also enable you to widen your reach to both your followers and members in both social media sites.

4. YouTube app

If you have many videos to share to your members, get the YouTube app to share all your videos in one tab. This will make your page more organized and persuade more users to click and view every video you upload.

5. Pinterest app

Pinterest is a social media site that is rapidly gaining in popularity. Add this app to attract more people to view your pins. Users with existing Pinterest accounts can follow you on Pinterest and increase traffic coming to your sites.

6. Scribd app

Want to share documents to your fans? Scribd is especially suitable for this purpose. This app lets customers read documents posted seamlessly on your Facebook page. Integrate this app on your page to allow users to view and download documents in .pdf, .xls, .doc or .ppt formats. All users can now access and read longer content that cannot be accommodated in status and comment boxes.

7. FAQ app

FAQs serve to eliminate the need to answer the same questions over and over again. With this app, you can list down all the common questions and their corresponding answers to inform your customers about what they need to know about your business.

8. Google Maps

Make it easy for your customers to find your physical location and go to your store. With this app, you can increase the number of customers visiting to your store and availing your products and services. Google maps can also help customers look for alternative routes to easily get to your store’s location without getting lost and confused.

9. Contact Us tab

Users sometimes prefer to contact the page administrator through private means. Incorporate a ‘Contact Us’ tab to make communication with your members easier. This app will allow you to collect feedback about a particular subject or service and show customers alternative ways to convey their concerns.

10. Customize an app

Cannot find a specific app that will fit your requirements? Coordinate with Facebook to create an app customized for your use. This will help you make your page be as unique as it can be and make it stand out from the slew of other pages presently circulating in Facebook.

Apps can effectively boost your users’ experience with your page. Plan the page design well to ensure that all tabs can be seen and fully utilized for your needs.


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Like it? Share it! – How Facebook can Promote Your Business

When creating a Facebook Page, consider which type is right for your business.

Currently the most popular social networking site, Facebook has more than 900,000,000 users in its database with 150,000,000 regularly logging in everyday. It caters to a wide variety of age groups, from young adults to middle-aged people to seniors. Marketing your business on this site is easy. The best thing about it is that it costs nothing to create a page for your business. Try launching your social page today to reach out to more people and get more customers for your products and services.

Are you planning to promote a single product? ‘Brand or Product’ might be more suitable for you. Aiming to market your new business? ‘Local Business or Place’ might fit better. If you are a large company with more than a hundred employees, consider checking out a ‘Company, Organization or Institution’ page.

Take care to encode the correct details to your page so you won’t have to start over when you commit a mistake. Make it user-friendly and aesthetically attractive enough to catch the interest of everyone who accesses your page. As soon as it is ready, inform the public that you have a Facebook Page you’d like them to visit and view. If you manage to hold their interest as soon as they look at your page, then chances are you’ll get called whenever they need something from your business.

Benefits of Using a Facebook Page

With a Facebook page, you can post videos, photos, menus and other exclusive content for your potential customers to browse. Get them intrigued enough with sneak peeks about an upcoming sale, activity or renovation.

Customer communication is also made easier by this site. People can be more vocal about their reactions and feelings when they say it online. Take advantage of this ‘openness’ and post a question on your Wall asking for feedback or suggestions for improvement. Customers who are truly loyal will post detailed and helpful answers for you to mull over and study.

Facebook also has a Page Insights Dashboard where you can adequately measure if the page has is getting enough traffic. With this feature, you can see which days earned the most number of visits, how many people commented on what posts and help you find out more details about your customers.

You can also connect to more visitors while cultivating long-term professional relationships with them in this social site. Encourage your ‘fans’ to share your content and reward loyal customers with special deals that would further build trust and valuable relationship for your business.

If properly set up and advertised, a Facebook page will not just help you achieve new customers. This page also makes it easier to contact users and inform them of any developments like new products and discounts. Attract new customers for your business with a Facebook page. If your website and fan page are creatively designed, then you have more chance to impress and satisfy your new clients with fine customer service. Try making a page for your business! Once a user clicks ‘Like’, your page is automatically pasted on the user’s Wall as reference to the user’s set of friends. Now, isn’t that handy and trusty advertising?