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Going All Out in Google+

Ways to Make it Big in Google’s Social Network

Google+ has now 90 million users. Imagine that. 90 million potential customers. How do businesses penetrate this wide market? What’s the most suitable social marketing techniques should you use to attract attention and engage interest among your audience?

The male population in Google+ is measured at 63%, with women at 37%. Users from this dominant gender are well-versed in technical and web technologies. Although these statistics can be disquieting for female-targeted businesses, Google+ is still a wide social network, which you can use for your social marketing strategy. It has better friend management features where you can separate family from acquaintances, business colleagues and close friends. There’s also Google Hangouts, the wonderful video chat/conference tool, which can accommodate 10 people. Just imagine the marketing and fan engagement videos you can make with this free instrument!

So, you’ve joined Google+ in the hopes of expanding your social media presence to your target audience. One way to engage your preferred demographic is to find active users who might be interested in your particular merchandise or service. This can be a bit difficult to do but the search feature in G+ makes it a lot easier.

Searching ‘People and Pages,’ as well as ‘Google+ Posts’ helps find people you can follow and interact with about your products and services. Once you add and build a rapport with your target audience, it will be easier to exchange ideas and product knowledge. This not only assists you in building relationships with other entrepreneurs within your industry, but also widens your knowledge about your craft.

Say, perhaps you are involved in arts and crafts. Why not engage with people with the same interests as you do? Add them in your circles and share content that you think they would like to read and share.

The next step after adding them would be the ‘getting-to-know-you’ phase. Look at the pages of those you follow and examine their posts. With this, you can see which type of content they like and share high-quality content from the same category. If they click +1 and put comments, reply back to encourage further engagement. Building contacts and making them your online buddies will take time, though.

Continue bringing out relevant, creative and well-written content to persuade them to check out your page and reply to your posts. They can be pictures, videos or text posts about the latest developments in your particular industry. If they like humorous content, post some photos you found funny like a picture of a raccoon pretending to be a thief or cute puppies tussling with a baby. Cute content always rules, whether for male or female audiences.

Start and join hangouts. Video chats are a great way to meet and get in touch with people. Suddenly, you don’t just communicate with globs of text. With Google Hangouts, you can actually talk to each other face-to-face through webcams and headsets. This encourages people to be more frank and friendly with each other, than they would be otherwise. Your target audience will feel closer with you because now, they can connect a face with the posts they’ve been reading and commenting upon.



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Hootsuite Hanging Out with Google+

How Google+ Joined Hootsuite’s Gang of Social Networks

When Google the search engine giant first revealed its social media site, a huge buzz started due to its direct competition with Facebook, the reigning social network. Many people became more and more curious about Google+ as it started to attract huge numbers of members. Compete.com’s site analytics has investigated that Google+ garnered more than 30 million users in May 2012.

This has generated interest among business owners to have their own Google+ pages. This increased the demand for social media management tools like Hootsuite to monitor site analytics for this social network.

Last July 18, 2012, Hootsuite announced that it will finally link with Google Pages to help businesses monitor their social marketing campaigns in Google+. Page administrators can now publish public or circle-targeted status updates, upload documents, reply to comments, save posts to a stream and many more.

Check out the benefits of using Hootsuite for Google+ pages:

How do you integrate Google+ in Hootsuite?

1st Step: Once you’ve signed into your Hootsuite account, your home page will prompt you to:

Another way you can add Google+ is to go to your profile page and scroll down to ‘My Social Networks.’

2nd Step: Click ‘Add a Social Network.’ A pop-up box will appear. Click ‘Google+,’ then ‘Connect with Google+’.

3rd Step: Allow Hootsuite access to your Google+ account.

4th Step: Click the + sign of the page you want to add to Hootsuite. After that, click ‘Finished Importing.’

Once Hootsuite finished incorporating your Google+ page, your dashboard should look like this:

Congratulations! You can now engage and collaborate with your followers with content that focus on their needs. Start posting today on Google+ through Hootsuite for your social media management requirements.



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Ready, Set, Go: How Contests can be Beneficial for Your Business

How contests can encourage customer engagement with your company

Contests make customers engage more with your business. They bolster your company’s web presence and promote your brand, at the same time. It is also an opportunity to get more people interested in buying your merchandise. Excited in trying out an online game for your business? Before you launch a contest, make sure you understand all the rules and guidelines to observe on your page’s social network. If the contest breaks the rules and it gets flagged, you could be banned from posting content. So, before you get excited about your contest and its potential rewards, here are some tips to think about:

1. Frame your goals.

What is your purpose for the contest? Is it for your brand promotion, attract new customers or encourage participation in a special company event? Create a contest customized according to your needs and budget. You can ask participants to post links on their own profiles. Once their friends click the link, they will be directed to your contest’s home page.

2. Plan the contest thoroughly.

While planning, think which type of contest will best suit your purposes. Think about how long your contest will run, who should participate, when it will start, and other details. Once you’ve ironed out the finer details, post the content on your blog or social network page. Encourage all contacts to participate.

3. Set up rules on how the game should turn out.

Write down a short list of rules everyone can easily understand upon first reading. If the regulations are long with many technical terms, participants can choose not to get involved anymore. Consult the social network regulations before you make your own contest rules. This will help you make sure that you are not violating any terms and conditions.

4. Monitor entries and track results.

Use a tracking cookie or software in tracing down all related posts from your contestants. Running a contest will be meaningless if you cannot find every answer or post made by your participants. You can be accused of being unfair in judging the entries, which can damage your reputation among the participants. To make sure you’ve logged every entry, make use of an effective analytics program or marketing software to measure the traffic generated by the contest.

5. Use your website to announce the winner/s.

Many social networks agree that you shouldn’t use your account to announce winners for your contest. This is because other people can make a new account that can look trustworthy and eligible. These pages can swindle money in your name, which will really harm your company. Your website has considerable security to safeguard itself from malware attacks.

6. Prepare a pretty prize.

A well-chosen item can grab attention and intrigue people to join a contest, even if they didn’t want to, in the first place. Think of something unique and sought-after, such as tickets for two in a concert of a famous band, summer getaway packages, or gift certificates from well-known merchants. Enticements like these can make people join your contest and know what your brand is about. A win-win situation for everybody, isn’t it?

Here are rules from well-known social networks:


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Facebook vs. Google+: Which Site is Better for Business?

Social networking war erupted when Google+ was developed to operate alongside Facebook, the current reigning social site. When compared closely together, there are many similarities in the two sites’ offered features. Google+ offers much in terms of video-chat calls and more streamlined friend classification, while Facebook provides many tried-and-tested amenities like Facebook Pages and Groups. But how do we know which site is better for promoting a business?

Here are some factors to consider:

1. Popularity

Let’s face it. Popularity does count, especially when you want to promote something. Facebook has more than 500 million users while Google+ has a much lower user count, around 1.5 million. You should, of course, advertise in a much wider area because this would enable you to connect with a larger number of people.  This gives your business more chance to connect to a more diversified audience, as well.

2. Google+ ‘Newness’

Novelty is a less beneficial quality for Google+. Since Facebook came out earlier, its features are more defined and organized. Google+ still has to polish its many features, which includes Google+ Pages. Given time, Google+ will have fixed glitches and be equipped enough to put up serious competition against Facebook.

3. Existing Features

Google+ has the edge over Facebook when it comes to features. With G+, you can integrate all Google services you’re currently using. There’s also better friend management in Circles, which makes it easier for you to protect your privacy more and share content with people you choose. Although Facebook has Lists, Circles are more structured, easier to use and offers tighter privacy settings. Video chats also have a large capacity in Google Hangouts. You can invite up to nine people and make your online conference available to everyone. This opens up a whole avenue of opportunities for businesses who want to use videos and reach out to more people.

4. User-friendly Format

Although Google+ takes pride in offering minimalist news feed design, it is not as easy to use as Facebook. There are some buttons, such as the Google Apps for Business, Nonprofits and Voice, which need to be rehauled to provide fast and easy to understand format. When Google+ is improved to facilitate user experience, it will surely become popular and more attractive for non-users. Given enough time and work, this social site will become big enough. By then, it will spark more exciting skirmishes with Facebook, the present social media giant.

Social Media Choices: Play or Pass?

Ever wondered what social media site should you use for your business? Here are some features and facts of the most popular social networks for you to consider: