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Clever Content that Captivates

Capture Attention from the Online World with these Fun Content

Posting popular content increases the potential of your page to bemore popular in the Internet. Grab the interest your of your target audience to make them visit your page and click ‘Like.’ Think of creative ways you can use to get attention. Here are some content that can be creatively utilizedto market your business:

1. Memes – These are viral images and videos that can be used to transmit ideas. Humorous memes are the most popular around, because laughter is an international inclination. An example would be the “Call Me Maybe” meme from Adoption Advocate. This meme encourage people to adopt pets rather than buy them from the pet store. Gaining huge popularity practically overnight, this photo-meme generated more than 370,000 in a just a few days.

If used effectively, memes can be popular and shareable content. Once your target audience talks about this meme and posts it on their own profile, their network of friends will see the image. From then on, the campaign will take a life of its own and make people call you for their inquiries. Be careful, though, of copyright that restricts use of some content. Improper use might get you in a lawsuit.

2. YouTube videos –Seventy-two hours of video are uploaded on YouTube every minute. What are the chances your marketing video will be noticed and go viral? You can start in small ways like advertising on your store or social media pages like Twitter and Facebook. If you want to accumulate a large number of views, ask an influencer with a large social pull to post about your video. This can generate curiosity and make the watch count on your video go up, up and away!

3. Infographics–When a complicated topic is explained using a huge block of text, the mind is confused on which part to focus on first. People who are not much inclined to read are turned off and will ignore the text completely. Some would just scan the text and consider themselves well-informed. With the use of images we can avoid this. Pictures can convey different ideas and simplify them in a more comprehensible manner.

The infograph above used a catchy image supported by small blocks of texts that conveys what the images are supposed to  be. Information is better transmitted this way to a larger group of people. This technique is growing more popular than ever because of its effectiveness in delivering ideas.

4. Blogs – Also known as web logs, blogs serve as an archive of entries where the author/owner can talk about their own ideas and opinions on any topic. This avenue is particularly effective for people who want to share what they know or tell a story about something.You can talk about anything, from serious topics like ethical issues or something as mundane like everyday life at work.

Businesses can use blogs to entice readers about products and services being offered. Writers can connect more to their followers this way because of the blog’s informal structure and simple set-up.

These materials can stand alone for your marketing strategy. They will be more efficient, if you use them in conjunction with social media sites like Facebook and Twitter. They will be exposed to a larger number of users and fans, which, in turn, can generate more customer interest and revenue.