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Podcasting: A New Way to Make Yourself Heard on the Internet

Connect with Your Audience with Audio and Video Podcasts

Speaking is the most basic form of communication. When we hear someone talk, we automatically want to listen. People who have the gift of gab are able to speak readily, eloquently, and fluently to persuade everyone. This partly influenced the invention of the radio, which can reach many people, even those who live in far-flung areas. Later on, the radio is slowly replaced by the podcast when Internet flourished.

Podcasts are multimedia recordings that can be downloaded on the Internet and be played overmp3 players, mobile devices, and computers. These audio and video files can be played back over and over, which makes it convenient for users who cannot regularly tune in to fixed-scheduled programs. Automatic downloads can be set so viewers can listen or watch whenever they want.

This makes podcasting a feasible and effective avenue for businesses trying to reach customers through online lectures, interviews with industry experts, and event promotion. Entrepreneurs can talk about the benefits of one product over another, how to effectively use a device and more. Users can choose podcasts that talk about different topics, from business techniques and book reviews, to landscaping and cooking.

Hearing someone talk about subjects of interest is more beneficial for busy individuals, blind people and other folks who prefer listening to reading. With podcasts, they can listen while they work, exercise, drive or perform other tasks. Other than that, listening to someone speak is a more effective form of communication, as users do not need to decipher meanings. They don’t need to read and think about what the writer is trying to convey with long sentences and paragraphs.

Try listening to podcasts and see if you can use this medium for your marketing strategy. With podcasting, you can share your knowledge about different topics to your customers. Using this method in a personal and engaging manner will effectively make your program popular among your listeners or viewers.

Targeting a specific audience? Here are some podcast consumer demographics:

Data gathered by This American Life show podcasts are for everybody. Male and female consumers are roughly of the same number at 54% and 46%, respectively. This means businesses with male or female-targeted merchandise can use podcasting for marketing. Entrepreneurs can also reach young and old populations. They can tailor every podcast session to sound more attractive to either young or mature audience. Offer more value to your customers and followers with quality podcasting and your subscribers will grow in number.

Be more spontaneous while talking and your audience will love you more. Formal and lengthy speeches can alienate listeners and viewers. This type of podcasts can make their attention drift away and send them to Dreamland. Podcast consumers like more informal conversations, as this makes them feel as if the speaker is in front of them. A difference in intonation can catch their wandering minds and bring them back to listening to your podcast.

Speaking in a chatty and relaxed manner can make them feel close to you. This makes them more open to believing what you say, so make sure you’re telling facts and informed opinions. This way, you can increase trust and develop relationship with your customers. Use speaking techniques that work to increase your subscribers. Reach them in a way that will make you eager to pick up the microphone and speak to them again.

Establish yourself as an expert in your field. Keep up with the latest facts to ensure factual information for your listeners. This will increase confidence in you as a podcaster. Interview other professionals in your industry to provide more educational and helpful content. This will make your channel more popular as well.

Practice public speaking in front of an audience. This will help you be more certain of yourself as you convey your message. Reach out to your customers using your voice. Find out if podcasting is the path to use for your online marketing success! Using this technique will be more affordable than scheduling a talk on the radio and other traditional media outlets.

Check out sample podcasts from this website: http://businessbooktalk.com/. These are recorded by the Social Content Group, a social marketing group that seeks to help businesses establish their presence on the web and engage with customers online.




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Connecting Through Blogs and Podcasts

How these Social Platforms Help to Expose Your Business to the World

Both blogs and podcasts are considered web content. They are used to reach an intended audience and impart news and information relevant to their needs. Without these two media, it will be difficult for you to build relationships with your target demographic on the Internet. Other than that, you cannot make them receptive enough to your online marketing campaigns and product promotions if you don’t have a connection with your followers. Engage them with interesting content using a blog, podcast, or both. But how is one different from the other? Here is a comparison of the two communication media:It is better to see which channel best suits your content first before you set up a blog or podcast. You should also consider whether you’re more comfortable writing or speaking. If your strength is conveying your words on paper, it’s better to use a blog. Same with podcasting. If you’re a speaker with strong oral communication skills, a podcast is the better choice of medium to spread whatever message you want to say to your audience.

Using a blog or a podcast has its own set of benefits and detriments. You need to think about considerations like: