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Widen Your Online Presence with a Social Media Boost, Part 2


Make your business soar and succeed online with the help of five social networks.

Blogs, pictures, and location-sharing services are popular on the Internet these days. Used to capture interest, these features are used by many businesses today to promote different products and services. Blogs are utilized to publish different types of content that grab the attention of the target audience, while images serve to strengthen brand awareness. Interactive maps pointing out the location of a certain business draws more customers to the actual physical site of the store. These social media tools are used to expose brands to different audiences and increase engagement with prospective customers.

Tumblr, Instagram and Foursquare are three of the leading social media tools used by many businesses, especially in North America. These three online giants offered opportunities for entrepreneurs to bridge the gap with savvy consumers well-versed on browsing the net.

1. Tumbling into Tumblr

Tumblr is a microblogging site launched in 2007 that allows users to post a host of multimedia on a blog. Comparatively easier to use than other sites on the same category, Tumblr allows users to interact with other blogs using text posts, images, videos, links, quotes, and more. This site has a simple dashboard and interface where users can see their own posts, including content from blogs they follow. They have the option of liking, replying or sharing others’ content or posting their own. This caused Tumblr to become popular and retain a large number of its existing users. It also has a high number of unique visits that directly competes with other social networks such as Pinterest and Twitter.

How do you use Tumblr for your business?

  • Advertise to followers using Tumblr. With Tumblr, you can post and ‘pin’ something to the top of your followers’ dashboard until they take it down themselves. This paid feature ensures that your followers see your most important ads as soon as you roll them out. There’s also ‘highlighting’ which adds a tag to the right side of the post. This tag serves to grab the attention of your followers as they scroll down their dashboard. Finally, there’s the Tumblr Radar, which shows the most popular posts chosen by the Tumblr box. These are particularly useful for reaching customers who lead busy lives and can’t keep up with your posts as much as before.
  • Post pictures, pictures, and more pictures. According to Tumblr, pictures make up the most number of posts that get ‘reblogged’ (or shared) for a multiple number of times until it goes viral. This is because pictures, especially colorful ones, attract more attention than text posts. What you see is what you get when it comes to pictures, while with text, you have to interpret the words to discern the meaning.
  • Schedule your posts and update your blog automatically. You cannot stay stuck in front of your computers to update the blog content all day. Create posts and schedule them to be posted at the time you want. Use the Queue function to benefit fully from this feature.
  • Rouse your followers’ competitive side. Launch contests and give away prizes that will make followers sit up and take notice. This will increase awareness about your business, turn more attention to your products, and get more visitors to go to your website and other social networking pages.
  • Be interactive. Followers sometimes get curious about a certain video or link you posted. Make it easier for them to reach you. Allow them to post replies by ticking the ‘Let people photo reply’ and ‘Let people answer this’ options. These will enable you to build closer relationships with them.

2. Insta-Perfect Photos with Instagram

Taking pictures is a passion that Instagram taps into. Currently available on iPhone and Android platforms, this mobile application has 80 million users editing images with filters and sharing them to the online community. Businesses use this app to take and share pictures of their products to their target audience in Instagram.

How do you use this for your business?

  • Set the tone for a story about your products and services. Before you snap pictures at random, think about what light you want your business to be seen. Would you like a homey feel or a trendy atmosphere? Decide on this first to ensure that create the right impression you want your followers to make.
  • Be creative. Take photos of your products and services in unusual ways. Experiment with different filters to make your pictures more catchy and interesting to look at. Finely taken shots will make your products have the potential to engross followers and make them curious about your merchandise.
  • Learn how your customers use your products. Know what customers think of your merchandise. Ask them to post how they use your products. This will serve to make other followers (who are not yet your customers) to buy your goods themselves. Another additional benefit is that you’ll see how your products can be further developed to make it more useful for customers.
  • Take your followers behind the scenes. Engage your social community with pictures that show a carefree side to your employees. This will enable them to know your staff more and form close ties to your business. Showing how you prepare for an event or demonstrating the way you manage your inventory makes followers more curious about your enterprise. This encourages more socialization between you and prospective customers.
  • When speechless, say it with pictures. Ask your followers and let them reply with a picture. For example, you’re involved in the clothing retail industry. You can ask queries like, “What’s your fashion statement today?” This will challenge followers to look their best and post pictures of themselves wearing their most stylish outfit. If you are in the food business, ask your followers post images of healthy meals they enjoy. You’re promoting hale and hearty food, while subtly promoting your goods!

Check out the next article for information on how to use Foursquare for your business.





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Oops! Three Social Media Mistakes to Watch Out for


Scenarios to Avoid when Starting Your First Online Marketing Campaign

It’s natural to make mistakes, especially on the first time you handle something. It is the same way with social media. It’s easy to think about it as a simple venture, as your activity for the whole day is to think up status updates, photos, videos, and other content that will get the attention of your intended audience. But social media is beyond that. In fact, this is the first common misconception that entrepreneurs form when they first encounter the concept of interacting with their customers online. Business owners need to socialize with their target audience, hence the word ‘social.’

Social media is more than attracting the attention of your customers with an online advertisement. It is important to create a website and networking pages that will introduce your business to customers. You cannot hope to succeed in online marketing without these two platforms. This is because customers instinctively distrust businesses that feature only an ad.

If we match this with real-life event, it was as if they just met you for the first time and suddenly, they received a brochure from you. They don’t immediately pay attention to the brochure and ignore it until it’s time to throw it away. This makes it necessary to introduce yourself and your purpose first, especially on the web where there’s no face-to-face interaction. Your website and your networking pages will function as your ‘introduction’ while your ads will become your ‘online brochure.’

The primary goal is to connect with customers and build relationships with them, hence, the word ‘social’ in social media. Entrepreneurs need to ‘socialize’ with their target audience online before they advertise about their merchandise. Concentrating all efforts on marketing, instead of doing as advised, will be your first mistake. This is because social media doesn’t convert as easy as 1, 2 and 3 when it comes to generating sales leads. You need to establish a connection before approaching the customer with a sales pitch.

You have to give something, so you can sell your merchandise. Your agenda for the first three months or so, should be establishing your online presence. Make a short yet detailed ‘About Us’ sections on your platforms. Show pictures of your store and staff, as well as your products and services. Interact with your customers online. It is advisable not to embark on a marketing campaign around this time as you’re still seeking to make yourself known to your customers and trying to get close to them. Remember, it takes time, energy and effort to develop relationships online and get returns on your labors.

Being active in social marketing is not equivalent to success. You may be posting everyday but are you sure your followers are engaging with your content? Make sure your blog, website or social networking pages are monitored with analytics. There are free analytics software from Google and other platforms to help you determine whether your posts receive attention from your intended audience. If there’s positive improvement than when you started, then continue what you’re doing. Are you sure, though, that your goals are aligned with your efforts? Brad Smith, a social media expert, offers advice on making your networking posts effective:

  • What is your main goal in joining social media? Do you aim to develop awareness about your merchandise? Do you wish to make customers more loyal to your brand? Or do you want to increase your sales? Choose one goal, and coordinate it with your strategy. Combining all three goals using one strategy will not gain you anything as each goal needs a corresponding series of actions.
  • List down each step and measure your progress. This will help you track your progress and see if you’re deviating from your plan of action.
  • Identify which activities get the highest ROI. Sometimes, we concentrate too much on the quantity of posts we produce every day. Experiment with different posting times and types of content and monitor each trial with analytics. This will allow you to see which posts get the most engagement from your followers.
  • Measure your productivity. Determine if an action offers sufficient returns for your efforts. If not, cancel them to make room for more activities that will yield enough rewards.
  • Remain dedicated. Sometimes we get discouraged when we see that there’s only a small number of people responding to our campaigns. When this happens, partner with an associate to keep your morale up and help you maintain your dedication.

Engagement doesn’t just happen; it is nurtured. A video will not become viral if you rely on your target audience to spread it. You must perform marketing initiatives to push your content and reach prospective customers who might be encouraged to contact you. How do you set your campaign in motion? One way you can do that is to roll out newsletters to your existing customer base. This generates interest among your customers on your latest content.

You can also ask other bloggers to encourage their audience to visit your website. Contact online newsletters which welcome guest articles. This has the added advantage of increasing links that will pull up your search engine rankings. On the same vein, look for syndication partners that can run your articles. If you have sufficient resources, you can do your own promotion and advertising. Create a video and upload it to video-sharing sites. Customers can be persuaded to share your video if it is effective in engaging their attention and making them feel that it’s worthy to be shared to their own friends.

There’s no automatic growth when you join social media. Even though this field is relatively new and inexpensive, it takes time before you can successfully establish your presence online. It will be far easier if your target market already knows you, but what if they don’t? This makes it necessary to follow the rules, work hard and adjust your strategy as you go along. This may be new ground, but you can still succeed, provided you follow the basics while making your own path at the same time.



Social Media Today

Widen Your Online Presence with a Social Media Boost


Make your business soar and succeed online with the help of five social networks.

Using social media to promote your business has the potential to generate big profit for your company. More and more people goonline to shop, look at different products, keep up with the latest news, catch up with friends, and more. This presents the opportunity for businesses to reach customers and build a large online client base.

Choosing which social media site where you can establish your business requires considerations, though. For example, does your target audience frequent this site? How about your competitors? How long have they been on social media? Are they just starting out like you? Other than that, is the social network of your choice fit your company? Is it suitable for your marketing campaigns?

Making a decision about what social media site to choose for your advertising project centers on your customers. Investigate whether they prefer to look at ads on traditional or modern media. Do they like reading newspapers, listening to the radio, and watching television more than browsing the Internet? If so, these are the media you should be focusing on. If your target market is the young adult group, mainly people ages 18-34 years old, then they probably have active online lives. They’re likely to have accounts on the most popular social networks, own a smartphone, and like to spend more than 8 hours surfing the web.

Once you find out where your prospective customers like to hang about, customize your campaigns to include content that appeals to them the most. Your audience might prefer to see pictures and videos more than text updates on your blog and social networking pages. How do you make your brand attractive and encourage them to say good things about your products?

Positive engagement is the key to build relationships with your target audience. Make your online presence active and interactive to better befriend them and make them feel close to you. How do you do that? First, you have to choose a social media site. Here is some information on five of the fastest-growing social networks today:

1. Tweeting on Twitter

Established in 2006, Twitter enjoyed a rapid growth as soon as it was unveiled on the Internet. It quickly garnered more users in 2007 when participants of the South by Southwest Interactive conference used Twitter to keep track of other attendees. They increased the average number of tweets up to 3 times the usual 20,000 tweets per day.

Business Standard, a national India newspaper, appended Twitter with the moniker, “SMS of the Internet.” This is because users can only type 140 characters on the Internet. This makes for straightforward posts, with emphasis on the ‘short and sweet’ type of messages.

How do you use Twitter for your business:

  • Heads-up for the latest company deals and coupon codes. This not only benefits followers but also businesses as well, as special offers and discounts tend to generate interest and increase traffic.
  • Customer service assistance. Customers prefer to reach out to businesses online instead of calling the hotline number. Interact more with customers and answer their inquiries and complaints. React to their suggestions and other feedback, as well. This will make them more satisfied with your business in general.
  • Customer Engagement. Twitter offers different ways to engage with customers using the @mention and Twitpic features. Arrange contests to increase brand awareness and make people come to your website and store’s physical location.
  • Promote the company blog. Encourage followers to keep up to date with the latest posts on your blog. You can share post industry news and company updates to discuss with your followers.

2. Pinning on Pinterest

Imagine Pinterest as a set of online bulletin boards which you can use like scrapbooks. The user-friendliness of this site made Pinterest break into the social media race on 2010. It became popular enough to generate 11 million unique visits, which makes it the fastest to break the 10 million unique visitor count record. Pinterest’s wide reach brought more referral traffic to entrepreneurs than LinkedIn, YouTube and Google+. In March 2012, it surpassed LinkedIn and became the third largest social networking site in the United States.

How do you use Pinterest for your business?

  • Enhance your brand image. What makes your business popular among your loyal customers? Is it the ambiance of your store? The way your products are presented? Adopt those same qualities on your Pinterest boards. If your customers exclaim over the décor of your site, why not post pictures of décor suggestions?
  • Showcase your products in a unique way. Unleash your creative side and think of ways to display your products. Take pictures that show them at their best. If you’re selling wines, show photos of your wine bottles in an unusual position that would display how the light reflects against the wine.
  • Be more social. Make your Pinterest page more social with posts about your customers. Are you providing art classes? Take pictures of the works of your students. Hosting a party with many followers in attendance? Post photos of your best-dressed participants. You can also allow customers to post pictures of how they use your merchandise. This not only increases customer engagement but also promotes your products to your followers.
  • Include other pictures relevant to your products. It can be boring to see the same things posted on one board after another. Be more diverse and post photos of different type of products related to your brand. For example, if you’re a greengrocer, post vegetarian recipes to promote using greens as ingredients. You can also pin images of cooked vegetables in different occasions like Thanksgiving, 4th of July and other holidays.
  • Inject humor on your posts. Humor is a great equalizer. Make people notice your page more with memes, jokes, and comic strips related to your products. If you’re managing a pet shop, create jokes using pictures of your pets. This works well with today’s fad of dog and cat jokes circulating around the net.

Check out the next article for tips on posting on Tumblr, Instagram, and Foursquare.



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When Social Media Campaigns Fail

A Guide to Ensuring and Maintaining Social Networking Success

Many businesses set up company pages in various social media sites and think it’s smooth sailing from thereon. Content is updated sporadically and comments are left unanswered until much later. Online campaigns have failed and you don’t know what went wrong when other companies have made it big.

Here’s a checklist to help you examine your progress or lack of it:

Make a commitment.

A social media campaign is not something you can start and then leave to take care of itself. It needs to be updated with new blog posts at least once a week. Regular monitoring is also important to ensure that comments are answered on time. This will make customers feel well-attended. Check the analytics to find out what articles get the most traffic. This will help you improve upon your strategy and make success easier to reach.

Find the best social networking site that fits your business.

Look for mentions of your business name in the web to find out where your customers flock. Create an account and establish your presence first. For example, your customers reviewed your business in Yelp. Make an account in Yelp to track the feedback and engage with customers. This will enable you to find out what they’re saying and help you perform immediate damage control for complaints, when needed.

Engage regularly.

When there are customers who regularly engage with the content you post, your social media campaign is a success. Ask questions to initiate conversations and be prepared to answer back as soon as customers reply to your queries. Not answering back promptly may confuse and annoy them enough. Be sure to activate your notifications or better yet, make a regular sweep. This will ensure you’re not missing any comment you’ve forgotten to answer a while back.

Create catchy content.

Without creative content, your target audience will lose interest. Talk about industry news and avoid over-promotion of your business. Minimize sponsoring your business in your articles. Doing so will turn off your customers. Post original content instead. You don’t need to create long articles every time you post. What matters is that you regularly update at least every week to make people keeping on coming back to visit your social media pages.

Run contests.

Contests are a good way to bring more attention to your business. They generate exposure and excitement enough to attract more traffic to your page. Run contests around three months or so and give away prizes that will thrill your followers. This will expose them to your brand and make them avail your merchandise more often.

Try other social networking sites.

Staying on one social media site can prevent you from broadening the extent of your online social presence. Try out personal profiles in other social networks. Once you’ve gained mastery of the features, make a company or brand page to expose your business to the people active in that community. This will also help you find out whether a social network is a right fit for your business. If that particular social site is not helping you with the campaign, you can deactivate or delete the brand page. You can also redirect them to your existing and active pages.

Delegate social media tasks.

It can be overwhelming to keep your campaigns up to date and run your business at the same time. When tasks become too much to handle, delegate them to capable people. This would make your projects more manageable to deal with.

Having a social media plan can make campaigns easier to see through. Follow a structured road map or customize it according to your own social networking needs to earn success.


Reference: Social Media Examiner

What Could Go Wrong: Common Misconceptions about Social Media

You have a small business and you’re interested in widening your reach and attracting more customers.

Study what you’re getting into before launching and investing on a sales or marketing campaign. If you’re not equipped with enough knowledge, your strategy might backfire on you and turn you against trying for it again. This is the same situation that you must face when you venture into social media. Social networking can either turn out to be a huge profit or loss for you. The result of your efforts depends on how to approach this dynamic Internet entity. Here are some misconceptions that small businesses usually have when they start going into social media sites:

1. You have to establish online presence on as many social networks as possible.

Every social site is different from each other and caters to diverse audiences. When trying out social media for the first time, study which site is best for your purposes. (For differences between major social networks, click here). It might be better for you if you set up a page in one network first to fully understand the social media rules first. Once you’ve mastered how the basics, then you can think of setting up another account.

2. When you have a huge number of followers or fans, you’ve got it made.

Before you celebrate in finally achieving one thousand fans in your page, check your analytics first and see whether everyone regularly checks into your page and goes through the content. If they do, then congratulations! But if not, maybe you need to spice up your content more or enrich your reputation with customers. One way you can make your business famous is to always serve high-quality products or services. If you do so every time, then customers will more likely leave positive reviews in your page that will encourage more interaction between you and your fans.

3. When you have social media accounts, you can expect new customers to start calling.

Social media takes time to grow and gain followers. You won’t be able to quickly garner fans and new customers unless you have a very popular brand in your community. This won’t work at all if you have a small business. What you can do to generate calls is to spread news to your loyal customers that you have a Facebook page or Twitter account that they can go to. Persuade them to refer people they know who could use your products and services. You can also connect with influencers with a huge social clout to get the word out on a new business in town that provides such wonderful work, so on and so forth.



Social Media Today

How Do You Dominate Facebook, Twitter and YouTube?

Ways to Fully Utilize the Potential of the Three Biggest Social Sites

Let’s look at the statistics first. Facebook has more than 900 million users listed now, Twitter with 150 million active accounts and YouTube with over 92 billion page views each month. Mind-boggling facts aside, we are now weighed down with doubts on whether we can attract even just a small percentage of people from these three social media giants.

There is no need to hesitate, however. According to Mike Lewis, we can attract a large number of customers if we think of and follow the right strategy to break into the market. Here are his pieces of advice on how we should go about getting the attention of the online community:

1. Make your business page attractive and catchy.

Plain colors and designs fail to achieve interest from people. It’s one thing to be simple and minimalist, and another thing to be overly basic and boring. Spice things up in your page with a visually appealing color scheme and font or a riveting image. For example, you’re a contractor wanting to increase traffic to your page. Why not hire a professional photographer to take nice pictures of your work? Make your website, Facebook page or Twitter account great to look upon. One way to know if you succeed is asking customers to comment on the new design. If you get a resounding yes, then you’re on the right track.

2. Captivating and conversational content is one of the keys.

If all you have is beautiful fluff without great content to back it up, you won’t be able to get regular page views. Make visitors become fans of your page with “funny, emotional, controversial or emphatic posts,” Lewis said. Once you’re able to connect with them, you can start interspersing your posts with informative entries about your business. Add marketing copies about your products and services from time to time. Strengthen up your brand with some quirky posts like singing kittens and humorous videos. This way, you can bond more with your fans.

3. Think like a customer to increase sales leads.

Traditional sales approach people to persuade them to avail products and services. Successful leads are achieved on the opposite, since people respond more to advertising that empathizes to their needs. What you need to do is to think how your services can benefit customers. Once you manage to illustrate how customers can gain from your products, they’re more likely to respond to your sales pitch. Monitor customer feedback, reply warmly to any criticism, answer inquiries and post happy testimonials. This way, you’ll connect more and build relationships with your customers.

4. Seek out and connect with influencers.

Look for known influencers with a large social pull. They have power over word-of-mouth marketing, in which they can offer advice to their followers about which product works best for a particular concern or problem. They are effective endorsers because people trust their word, knowledge and expertise. Once you’ve managed to persuade influencers of your product’s quality and usefulness, interest from their fans would soon follow.

5. Apply data gathered from analytics.

Measure your growth with analytics. There are different types of free analytics, which you can use to measure the traffic generated in your website or business page. With this software, you can pinpoint the strengths and weakness of your page and make changes to further improve the look and content. This will also help you optimize the return on your efforts and see whether your revisions have effectively achieved the results you seek.

Sony, the Pinterest Star that Caught a Thousand and More Eyeballs

How Sony’s Pinteresting Strategy Generated an Increase of 800% Traffic to their Website

News Bulletin:

Upon learning about Pinterest’s overwhelming popularity, Sony began browsing and studying the social media site. Their staff found cakes shaped according to the form of old Walkman and other old Sony products honored the same way. These images helped Sony think of strategies in planning boards that would spark attention and maintain brand awareness. They also sought to find out how it can be used to get more in touch with users and regenerate further interest in Sony hardware and accessories.

Listed here is the six-part strategy that Sony undertook for its Pinterest project:

1. Research

In their Pinterest-wide scan, Sony found that fans are already pinning pictures of Sony products and images taken with Sony cameras and much more. This allowed them to capitalize upon the existing interest and make a campaign to drive more sales, promote brand loyalty and convert more fans. At first, they repinned pictures from fans, which built more relationships and increased interest. Boards filled with aesthetically appealing content were then brought out into the public.

2. Staff Involvement

The management arranged for a contest that drove employees to create boards pinned with content that they think would be catchy to the general public and attract more customers. This generated a wide range of creatively set boards filled with well-taken images about what Sony meant to them as a brand and way of life. Upon examination of the boards, Sony learned what will work well for their project.

3. The ‘Pin It’ Button

When Sony prepared to be Pinteresting, they optimized their website to add the ‘Pin It’ button. This was done to promote readiness for the resulting attention to be brought by their Launch-their-Pinterest-Campaign project. When fans found this button next to the image or text they found appealing, they clicked it to pin in their own boards. Doing so led to further traffic to Sony’s website.

4. Different Types of Boards

Since Sony’s fan and client bases are broad and diverse, the company drove various kinds of boards that would charm their audience. For the techie crowd, retro Sony products and ads were brought out. There’s also the Sony Artist Style is brought out where a fashion board of recording artists fascinated the masses.

5. Original Content People will Love

Once Sony captured interest with their starting campaign, they begin advertising content that sustained continued awareness of your brand. They announced special deals limited to Pinterest users and showed unique art like the heart formed by a number of digital point-and-shoot cameras and DSLRs. This made traffic boom until it reached 800% since the offers’ appearance in May 2012.

6. Promotion through Other Websites

Since Pinterest is a highly competitive social media site where different netizens and brands show off their best pictures, Sony reached out to their fans in other avenues. The website, blogs and other tools like Pinreach and Curalate were used to promote interest to their site.


How can other brands and businesses approach the magnitude of Sony’s success?

If companies study and follow Sony’s example, they have the potential to be successful. What other businesses can do is to investigate what Pinterest advertising initiative will work best for their products. Only when they realize this can they start going on a campaign. So, start your own research now to be Pinteresting!


Reference: http://www.socialmediaexaminer.com/pinterest-case-study-sony/


Be in Charge of Your Social Media Presence

How Do You Manage Your Social Media Accounts?

It’s hard to efficient in social networking if you have more than five accounts to monitor every day or every week. Update your Facebook status, tweet to experts, check in on Foursquare and pin Pinterest pictures without changing browsers. Listed below are five social media tools you can use without breaking a sweat:







Constructing Guide Maps for Marketing Success

Creating a Social Media Strategy for Your Business

Plans are necessary to achieve our goals. This is the same case when it comes to social media where the ultimate goal is getting more customers and generating more profit for your business. You need to study how you’re going to obtain and maintain interest in your brand. How do you go about making a strategy for your social networking needs? Here are some bits of advice from expert Robert Caruso:

First you have to identify and study your target market. What age group are you aiming for? Where do they live? What times are they online?

Second, you need to join a large community base where your target customers are. You need to find out what they talk about most of the time to use the right keywords and phrases for your content. Follow them on Twitter and become fellow fans with them on Facebook. You will form more connections this way and pave the way to market your own brand without being obvious about it.

Interest cannot be sustained for long without informative and engaging content. Investigate which topics your audience value. Look for relevant content (pictures, videos and links) about their favorite subjects and share them to your followers to enrich your online relationships. Make new posts from time to time, in order to distribute equal attention to each of your tweets or status updates.

Weigh the benefits of using one social networking site over the other. Determine which features work best for you and your online marketing goals. Focus on the platforms where your target audience are.

Let your online and offline contacts know that you have a social media page. Announce to your existing client base that they can like your page, follow you on Twitter or be part of your connections in LinkedIn. Make sure to tailor your website and other online materials to link to your social network accounts.

Nurture your relationship with your audience. Liking and commenting on their posts and engaging in discussions with them makes them feel appreciated. Once they become close to you, maintain positive contact with them to promote loyal connections. Always follow this formula: Content leads to conversations > Conversations lead to relationships > Relationships lead to business > Business leads to Return of Investment (ROI).

Organize your online life. Create and develop plans to address proper posting frequency, engagement activity, community growth functions and relationship building. Stick to your plans and study their effectiveness. If they’re not working as you need them, improve them further so that you’ll get the results you’re aiming for.