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Tumbling into Tumblr

Visually Entrancing Content for Your Audience

If you’re interested in dipping your toes into the blogging habit, Tumblr has an easy and uncomplicated interface for you. Indulge in your need to express your personal thoughts or create an avenue where you can talk about various products and services. Unlike WordPress, Squidoo and other blogging platforms, Tumblr offers user-friendly blogging tools for you to try out. All you have to do is type in text and you’re all set to publish. You can upload photos and quote sources, if you like. Want to cut up your post and show ‘Read More’ in your blog? Tumblr has a button for that.

The good thing about Tumblring is the social site’s simple and basic look. WordPress has many buttons and can be intimidating, especially for a beginner blogger. Tumblr chases those fears away with its minimal use of buttons. This enables user to use only a short amount of time to click around and try to make a first blog post.

Tumblr also serves as an online scrapbook which you can customize according to how you’d like your blog to look like. Upon creating your own ‘Tumblelog,’ you can follow other people and either like or reblog their posts from GIFs of dancing babies to videos of playing kittens. You can also ask the blog owner questions if they answer queries.

So, you want to join Tumblr and make a blog to connect to potential customers for your business. How do you go about it? First, this site thrives on circulating interactive visual content. That means loads of pictures (especially GIFs), videos and short, engaging text. If you’re sure you can churn out such content on a regular basis, try out this social media site. If you have a Facebook page or Twitter account, you can easily integrate your Tumblelog there to inform your fans and followers that they can follow you in Tumblr.

Tumblr has something for everyone, from artistic thinkers to news enthusiasts to social activists. Humorous posts abound from wildly creative people who can make you laugh out loud with their funny content. There’s also informal and touching content from contributors like Newsweek, Doctors Without Borders and others. Join Tumblr now and be part of its colorful world!