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A Day in the Life of a Web Page on StumbleUpon

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How Using StumbleUpon can Bring New Life to Your Marketing Campaign

StumbleUpon is a content discovery website that allows users to ‘stumble upon’ content they haven’t seen before. When users click the StumbleUpon icon, they are directed to pages which the website calculates they’ll like. The website bases its assumption on the algorithm generated from the user’s list of preferred content.

This website adds hundreds of thousands of web pages each month, amounting to… Including your website to the web pages added to StumbleUpon can earn you many organic hits. Your website will achieve many hits as long as you have well-written content that will engage and entertain readers. ToobBox.com posted a blog that featured funny iPhone autocorrected messages. A user StumbledUpon this page and found it comical. Upon sharing, the web page generated more than 7,000 visits.This emphasizes the importance of publishing high-quality content on your website. Once you have great content, add your website to StumbleUpon. You never know when someone might ‘like’ and ‘share’ your page and cause it to go viral.

How do you add your website to StumbleUpon? First, download the StumbleUpon toolbar for the browser you’re using. Create an account and fill out your information. Choose the website topics you want to stumble upon. After that, look for friends who are already on StumbleUpon. This will widen your network and possibly increase content sharing potential.

Sharing your content on other social networks using the Su.pr URL shortener will help you increase your online reach. Once followers click on the su.pr link, they will be directed to your website with the StumbleUpon toolbar on top. If your followers click ‘like,’ you will get more StumbleUpon traffic, therefore, increasing website hits.

Increasing website hits will lengthen the time your page will be shared on StumbleUpon. A total of 400 hours is half of the average time your web pages will get. It will also help if the number of people following you increases and shares your content. Raise your chances of being followed with a detailed profile, a charming display picture, and a well-rounded interest list.

You can also try out ‘StumbleUpon Paid Discovery’ to enjoy the benefits of greater exposure, analytics, reporting systems, and more.

Tap into the huge potential of StumbleUpon to market your content. This social media tool enables your content to be seen by a huge number of your target audience. Here’s the data: See how much engagement your pages can get on StumbleUpon? Think of the possibilities. Polish your content to make it shareable starting today!





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Website Visit Analytics, Anyone?

Increase Traffic for Your Business Website with Google Analytics

You’ve made a website in the hopes of getting more customers to call and visit your shop. How do you find out if your site is effective enough in attracting more people to your business? Google Analytics is developed to answer this burning question. This tool investigates and documents your customers’ Internet trail from the first search engine input until they click to visit your website.

What is Google Analytics?

Google Analytics is a free website monitoring tool that takes note of every person that visits your site. This software takes note of how much time is spent interacting with your website content. Aside from that, this will also help you understand why the customer left your site. Were they able to find what they’re looking for, or were they disappointed with the site details? Miscellaneous information will also be taken, such as the location of the user who visited your site and the steps they took to find your website.

In short, Google Analytics can help businesses better understand their customers. This application can help you find out whether your site is properly doing its job. If it is discovered that your current website fails to entice customers to purchase from you and contact you, then you can either reconstruct it or make a new website again.

How should you use Google Analytics?

  1. Plan how you should measure the results. It helps if you detail your goals, performance indicators and targets. For example, would you consider your site a success if it has a 50% for repeat visits?
  1. Take note of all the website details to be monitored from first to last click.  Ensure that all the key actions are properly tagged.
  1. Determine which parts of your website should be the monitoring focus. If you have an e-commerce platform, let Google Analytics take note of all key website actions from online orders to checkout details.
  1. Do you need advanced monitoring tools (e.g. social plug-in trackers) aside from the basic descriptions described above? If so, discuss with Google Analytics if your special requirements can be accommodated.
  1. Optimize the insights to make certain that you’re not missing any important details from Google Analytics report. Benefit from different features like custom alerts to help you see the big picture about your website.