Will It Blend Is Still My Top Viral Video

I am constantly telling clients that viral videos is the way to go. However not all people understand that a viral video is not about there product but about the “entertainment” gained from watching there product in action. To this point I give you my top 5 choices that illustrate this fact.


Has to use product

Has to be onĀ  low budget

Has to be cool

That’s it.

I hope you enjoy the videos I still do.

#1: Will it Blend is probably one of the most successful concept for promoting a blender that can eat through anything… including an ipad.

#2: This advert that they created for the new Honda Accord became iconic. The sheer scope of what they accomplished ensured that people were forwarding this advert to each other across the entire Internet.

#3: All this video does is raise awareness of Guitar Hero, but done in such a cool way that it’s indistinguishable from normal user-generated content. Not bad for a marketing team.

#4: This is an awareness test. The video actually gets you to count because lets face it we all love a wearied challenge. Then it flips you out with the punchline.

#5: This is a bit more big budget but it illustrates the importance of entertainment very well. This campaign went on to create a bunch more videos on the same theme.