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Connecting with Colleagues and CEOs

Reasons to Join the Professional Social Network

LinkedIn is an online network that caters to employees and other professionals seeking to widen their circle of acquaintances, find experts and ideas, as well as, look for better career opportunities. Founded in May 2003, this organization grew to have more than 150 million members to date. You might think, “I already have a Facebook account to connect to my co-workers. What do I need LinkedIn for?” You might have accounts on other social sites but LinkedIn is different. Facebook is more known for personal networking and Twitter for spreading news and ideas. LinkedIn, on the other hand, has been established as a professional social media site since it has been first created.

Why do you need to join LinkedIn? This site is a virtual community where you can find former colleagues and find new people to connect with. Seeking to expand your business? LinkedIn can be a good place to start. Explore your opportunities to build your professional reputation. Achieve sales leads, new business partners and stay in touch with people you’ve met over work.

If you need to acquire and share expertise, browse more than 900,000 groups in the network. Looking for information in a certain subject? With LinkedIn, you are sure to find experts who will lead to the right answers. Each group has discussion and news boards where you can post your questions, share edifying content and clear up confusion on various issues. This social site also has a section called Answers, where you can find more than two million replies to different questions on a variety of subjects. Interested in joining more than one group? You can be a member of five, 10 or more groups!

Manage your career with LinkedIn, whether you’re a jobseeker or a happily employed worker. Times are uncertain nowadays, which makes job security a bit shaky. Keep your communication lines with recruiters open so you can receive contacts in your industry. If you lose your job, then you can follow up on those links to secure your career again.

Expanding Your LinkedIn Network

How to Become Popular in the Professional Network

Build up your standing in currently the world’s largest professional social networking site. More than just a job search tool, LinkedIn has become a hot spot for groups seeking to exchange ideas about their respective fields. It has also helped businesses gain contacts and customers, especially for B2B accounts. Join your industry and touch base with former colleagues, bosses and experts. With LinkedIn, you can build strong connections for lifelong work relationships.

1. Look for connections.

Be on the lookout for people you know who may be on LinkedIn. Use ‘Connect with Colleagues,’ ‘Connect with Alumni,’ and ‘Connect with People You May Know’ to find people you have known before but never got the chance to touch bases with. Look up old classmates, teachers, professors, club members and other acquaintances whom you have a connection. If you cannot find them in the network, send emails inviting them to join LinkedIn.

2. Ask for introductions.

You want to connect with somebody but they’re unfortunately out of reach. Ask a mutual connection to introduce you. This introduction from your connection will serve as a recommendation to the second or third-degree contact you want to join with. This is better than using a random connection request, which may not be granted in the end.

3. Beef up your profile with recommendations.

Make your LinkedIn profile look good with some recommendations from former superiors and colleagues. These endorsements show recruiters and other people interested in connecting with you know more about your job performance, work aptitude and attitude, as well as achievements. Users who are recommended are more likely to get noticed and searched, which inevitably leads to important connections. When asking for recommendations, ask people whom you’ve worked closely before since they would know you better than anyone else at work.

4. Answer questions.

Respond to public queries listed to exhibit your knowledge and expertise about certain subjects. LinkedIn users who regularly provide correct replies earn more connections, especially in their field.

Answer questions well to receive awards from Q&A forums. You can start building a network of people whom you’ve helped enlighten with your answers.

5. Start or join a group.

Beginning and maintaining a group garners lots of connections and builds relationships with everyone whom you encounter. This avenue will also help you meet other professionals in your industry and create opportunities for self-improvement. Communication and people skills will be honed, as well, which makes groups a great way to build your online presence.


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Social Media Choices: Play or Pass?

Ever wondered what social media site should you use for your business? Here are some features and facts of the most popular social networks for you to consider:











Fostering Strong Connections: Tips for Building a LinkedIn Group

According to Jessica Faye Carter, LinkedIn groups are like forums created so that people with similar hobbies and interests can converge together and discuss the stuff they like. The only difference which a LinkedIn group has with a simple forum is its emphasis on professional discussions about businesses, careers and other relevant topics.

You’ve managed to garner a long string of connections. Why not build a group where you can all huddle and share your thoughts on the growing developments in your specific field?

Here are some tips to help you form deeper connections with your colleagues, business acquaintances and clients:

1. Personal Touch

Make your members feel at ease with you. It can be disheartening to join a group where you are not welcomed by the people on top of the hierarchy. Delight your new members with a personal note of greeting. LinkedIn provides templates you can use for giving automated responses to newbies and other people seeking to join your group. Keep up to date with the birthdays, accomplishments and commendable comments of each member. Congratulate them with a note indicating your appreciation for their continued attendance and participation.

2. Rules and Regulations to Live by

A group cannot be successful without a set of rules notably displayed to illustrate what is proper and accepted behavior. Create clear guidelines on routine activities like introduction, posting information in discussion groups and indicate which acts are prohibited (e.g. spamming and cursing). Make everyone aware of the regulations set, so clarifications can be arranged and misunderstandings avoided.

3. Good Member Relations and Diplomatic Discipline

As much as possible, involve yourself or your staff to monitor and participate with all the discussions circulating around your group. Highlight achievements and applaud notable contributions. If a member exhibits untoward behavior, be professional in admonishing them. If the rule broken is a bit grave, counsel in private and issue one or two warnings. Think hard before you ban a member. If you really need to do so, explain the issue to the member in question.

4. Promotion Pains

Some members just seek to join a group, especially a large, popular one, because they want to promote their business. Set a specific site in your group and provide proper guidelines where such members can promote their products and services. This will help them avoid putting in promotions in inappropriate areas like discussion tables.

5. Breaking News Feeds

Keep things interesting with a news feed so that members always have something new to talk about whenever they managed to talk a topic to conclusion. Maybe you can allow members to post relevant content to provide different inputs and points of view. Freshen up the feed with other note-worthy blog posts, press releases and other articles which might be of interest to your group.

6. Outside LinkedIn Gatherings

When things become fun in an online group, it is only natural for members to seek personal contact. Provide avenues where members can exchange Twitter and Facebook handles. Teleconferences, as well as actual seminars and conventions can also be arranged for everyone, so that they can have some face-to-face conversations with each other. Now, isn’t that fun and exciting?

7. Vote in Polls

One way to keep in touch with the pulse of your members is to make polls where they can make their preferences anonymously known. Get feedback on subjects like a particular subgroup. Make sure that you post the poll in your group, and not in LinkedIn’s general directory, so members will be the only people who’ll answer the polls.

8. Promote Group in LinkedIn

Gain more members by posting in LinkedIn’s general directory. Ask your existing members to recommend their colleagues, friends and acquaintances to join. This would encourage your group to grow and grow.

Interested in connecting with your fellow professionals? Create a LinkedIn group today! Visit LinkedIn.com for more information about groups.

Increase Your Followers with a LinkedIn Company Page

LinkedIn Tips and Tricks to Increase Your Followers

When people get curious about your business, they check the Internet for more information. They look at your website and visit social media sites to look for your company. One of the social websites they’ll go to is LinkedIn.

There are more than 100 million professionals using LinkedIn to connect and keep up to date with each other. A company page is needed to provide enough information to sustain the curiosity of interested parties while making it short enough to appear organized and well-appointed. This can encourage positive word-of-mouth recommendations and testimonials to help you become more popular and accessible to a wide number of LinkedIn participants and visitors.

A company page serves as your selling piece for jobseekers, potential customers, current clients and other people interested in your business. Make creative and well-researched content to put your company in best light possible, while keeping it relevant for a wide variety of readers.

So, you’ve made a great overview for your company. How do you encourage your followers to stay and stick around your page? One thing to do is to keep your status updates fresh and current. Post related and significant news articles, blog entries, videos, special deals and other content. This will keep your followers clicking and reading through your page.

People are more liable to trust the content you post if they see recommendations from people they know. Garner recommendations from fellow LinkedIn members. Once their connections view the good word put for you, there is more chance that they will contact you about your products and services.

Jobseekers can make up a large number of viewers on your company page. Upgrade your account to a premium Careers page, where they will be able to find a treasure trove of information about your company’s career opportunities. Once they access your Employment section, suitable jobs will be highlighted according to their professional qualifications.

Once you have beefed up your LinkedIn company page, you can measure and analyze the traffic coming to your page everyday with your own Analytics tab. Monthly data is populated into graphs so you can learn which areas of your page receive the most clicks from what industries.

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