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Stepping Up the Ecommerce Strategy

How do customers shop?

Shopping, especially near the holidays, is a tough time. Customers jostle each other in stores, looking for quality merchandise among the displays, and crowding in front of the shelves with discount tags. Browsing on the web using your computer, smartphone or tablet at your own time and pace is definitely more attractive, especially for busy people. This makes online shopping the top buying technique for many people nowadays.

Customers also like to scout for marked-down prices on their favorite gift items. This makes the web a very attractive hub to explore, as it is also a great avenue to find discounts. Many businesses take advantage of the holiday rush to attract customers and gain more revenue. This causes spikes in visitor traffic to sites like Groupon offering steals with tempting deals.

This makes it imperative for entrepreneurs to beef up their websites. The site must be made secure and user-friendly. Pages which feature products must be spruced up so the merchandise is shown well. Make these pages unique and take photos in a creative manner. Take pictures of models or customers using your products or display your goods in visually pleasing arrangements. This will further entice your visitors’ attention and entice them to buy.

Investing on the creation of a mobile website is to be prioritized. According to the study undertaken in early 2012, 49% expect to buy more using their tablet, while 19% plan to go shopping more through smartphone. Customers browsing through their smartphones and tablets may make up only 16% this year, but statistics will surely rise. The smartphone and tablet sales numbers are increasing, therefore more customers will log on to browse mobile ecommerce sites. It will be better for entrepreneurs to take notice and start plans on creating an online mobile campaign.

Social marketing campaigns on Facebook also have the potential to give back huge returns as consumers browse the site for “good finds or daily deals” they can use for their shopping. This justifies the need to focus intensive marketing campaigns before Thanksgiving, Halloween, Christmas, and even New Year. More people are likely to look up company brands on Facebook near these holidays, as they survey possible gift ideas for their loved ones.

Make online shopping a thrifty and convenient way for your customers to enjoy. Once you’ve earned their trust, they’ll go back to your website and your social networking pages when they’re in a shopping mood.




Social Media Marketing ==> An Avenue to a Future Where Everything’s Online

How Online Marketing is the Start of the Internet Age

The early years of Internet Age has brought about the rise of the social networks. People now search for everything they need on the web—whether groceries, clothes, contractors or vacation packages. Savvy businessmen, like Jeff Bezos of Amazon.com and Pierre Omidyar of eBay, had realized the Internet’s potential. They opened up their enterprises to the world through their computer servers and now continue to gain success in their endeavors.

Small businesses have then followed suit and took a slice of the social media pie. Their online marketing methods have driven customers to their brick-and-mortar establishments to get what they need. How did they do it?

According to an infographic from blog.kissmetrics.com, 61% of small business use social media sites like Twitter and Facebook to identify and attract new customers. They also connect online to maintain contact with their clients. Their success is determined with 53% of people on Twitter suggesting companies to their own followers. 48% of those 53% make true on their promise to buy.

This burgeoning success of reaching out to customers in the online world has helped entrepreneurs to maintain steady growth and development. This attention to the online media can make us think that there may come a time when everything that can be transferred online might be relocated. One likely scenario is that online materials will completely take over the print media. Almost everyone we know will exchange their ordinary mobile phone and laptop or desktop computer to a smartphone and tablet. Shopping will be conducted online, making business owners remodel their shops. They renovate to offer comfortable reception areas while the rest of the space is dedicated to store merchandise.

It makes us wonder what happens if every business we can think of are available online. Web business directories are sure to pop up. All we have to do is to type the kind of product or service we need and a list will be provided. We click the choices and see a profile containing the business name, physical address and other details pertinent to their line of work. There will be a mixture of positive and negative reviews as well, interactive maps where we can get directions and photo galleries of finished products, facilities and equipment.

Merchandise will be delivered by flying trucks delayed due to air traffic. The ground will become (hopefully) green again as plants and trees planted in spaces vacated by land roads and highways. Phones will enable the callers to see the people they’re talking to. Wouldn’t that be nice?

The above may seem too futuristic, but it can happen, right? It is already happening with the current generation’s fixation on social networking and businesses following suit.

Come and tell us what you think! Please post your comments below.



Kissmetrics Blog

Hello, Vendor! I’m Very Much Pinterested.

How to Perform Pleasing & Popular Pinterest Marketing Campaigns

After gaining popularity since the early months of 2012, Pinterest became the next biggest social network after Facebook and Twitter. Its current demographics show that women remain its top users at 68%. This social networking site acts like a virtual mix of pinboards and scrapbooks where users can like, pin and repin images they find endearing, entertaining and educational. This characteristic makes it a huge attractant for women who want to express themselves through the pictures they love.

How does this relate to businesses? Entrepreneurs can use Pinterest to supplement a meager marketing budget. What they can do is hire a professional photographer and a model to showcase their merchandise. But what if you don’t have enough funds for expert work? You, a family member or a friend savvy in photography can take shots of your products and services. Don’t have the money to look for experienced models? Try people you know or customers satisfied with your products. This lends an authentic feel to your pins and can attract people to browse your selections further.

Pinterest caters mainly to predominantly female pursuits like the following:

Businesses involved in the categories listed above can gain considerable marketing success with Pinterest. The first thing to do before you start your Pinterest campaign is to plan your images carefully. What products are you going to advertise? How are you going to present them in the picture? Should they stand alone in a plain background or a colorful palette? Contrast and balance of colors is important as well as the angle you use when taking the picture. Consider the elements of photography such as:

  1. Lighting – source, amount and direction of light in the photograph. This can come from sunlight, flash bulbs or lamps.
  2. Texture –describes how the object appears to feel to the touch. How light falls on the object and changes its look can also affect its texture.
  3. Focus – sharpness or clarity of the subjects in the picture. Camera manipulation is needed to make blurry, gentle edges or create sharp detail through selective focus.
  4. Angle of View –position from where the photographer shot the image. The mood of a picture can be affected through shifts of angle. Using this technique can also bring about interesting images.
  5. Framing and Composition – how a subject is presented in the image. Photographers determine what to include in the frame. They, then, compose the image to draw the viewer’s attention to how they want the picture to be seen.
  6. Color – can make pictures look alive or subdued. For intense and dramatic moods, photographers use heavily saturated colors. Subjects that need a peaceful look should have muted colors.

Well-taken pictures get more attention than pictures not given enough effort. What further separates them from other boards is good storytelling. For example, if you’re selling baby paraphernalia, you can create a board starting with cute infant shirts, mittens and booties. After that, show pictures of cribs then mobile crib attachments. With this board, you can illustrate what items babies need at different stages of their life.

Another simple way to create boards is like arranging your products in a specific theme, color or type. This would create symmetry and a feel of organization. You can also create boards for each of your most popular products. From the baby product example above, you can start on clothes to accessories then rubber mats, nappies and other baby necessities.

What you also need to do is to involve your customers in your Pinterest marketing campaign. Take pictures of them using your products, whether it’s an appliance, a striking shirt or an eye-catching piece of jewelry. You can either ask them to pose or take candid pictures of them. This would further endear them to your business, as well as make prospective customers curious about your merchandise. See example below:

Looking at those pictures yourself will entice you to try out Elizabeth Daniel’s shirt design.

You’ve managed to hook new customers with your Pinterest campaign. How do you maintain the interest and excitement of your customers? You can do that through staying current with the seasonal trends, holidays and special occasions. Update your boards in advance to keep up with special holidays like Thanksgiving, Christmas and Valentine’s Day. Show off products popular in each and every season of the year from spring to winter. Maybe you can put up birthday and wedding gift ideas. You can also add wedding and baby shower boards, as well. The possibilities are endless!

Go on and release your creative side. Brainstorm with your staff about your Pinterest campaign.

Why not start experimenting with pins today?






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The Power of Peer Influence

How peer influence is much more effective than relying on well-known influencers for business marketing

Word-of-mouth marketing is still the most popular and useful way to successfully market your business. Many entrepreneurs rely on influencers with a huge social clout to post professional or fun tweets and status updates about their merchandise. These people usually have more than a thousand followers or fans, who may or may not follow their suggestions to buy a particular product or service from a certain establishment.

If we really think about it, are influencers really effective in getting our marketing message across? Some would strongly agree, especially the fans, who have followed the progress of their idol since the early days. But what about those who became fans because they want to keep up to date with the influencers’ thoughts? All they do is note down and never take part in the influencer’s activities, endorsements and sponsored events. If they don’t want to join, they’ll just ignore such posts coming from the influencer.

Peer marketing is different from the dependence on influencers to market businesses. In this method, entrepreneurs rely more on their loyal customers to get the good word out. These satisfied customers tell other people about your business and refer those people to call you. This is way more effective than relying on influencers. This is proven with Duncan Watts’ study about “the pass-around power of everyday people.” The research he accumulated demonstrated that “close networks of [everyday] people drive influence on and offline.”

According to Crowdtap’s infograph, 92% of the respondents rely on advice from people they know. People listen more to their families, friends and everybody else they are familiar with, rather than some random person they encounter in the Internet with thousands of followers. Influencers do have some power over their fans’ choices, but what would you really choose — an influencer’s recommendation or a friend’s suggestion?

Free, Affordable Ways to Establish Web Presence

Letting the public know that you are open for business can be expensive.

Why not connect to the Internet and its vast number of netizens? Build up your web presence now to attract more and more visitors to your retail store or shop. If you’re worried about the price of investing on billboards and other signage materials, here are some affordable ways you can advertise:

1. Making and registering your own website.

A website can be a fount of information for your customers. If properly created, it can drive more calls to your business and earn you more profit. Make an investment with a website. You can customize it to provide knowledge about your business as well as your products and services. Look for affordable web domain registries and hosting sites for your website. Their coordinators will guide you through your options and help you decide which will fit your business better. If you already have a domain, look for hosting sites with package deals to save more on your budget.

2. Blogs

Blogs, especially those which are regularly updated, make great reading and marketing material. Link your website to your blog for more informal communication with actual and potential customers. Blogs are a great way to interact with your customers through the use of comment boxes. Proper use of this social media tool ensures more personal dealings with customers, which makes you seem more approachable and friendly.

3. Social Networking Sites

Social media sites are hubs of millions and millions of users waiting to be tapped. Try launching a social page or feed to market your business to a diverse base of users. This will enable you to share news about your company, offer special deals and discounts, and participate in online discussions about your business. Choose which demographic you want to attract. Social sites can help you share news about your business to your target audience.

Data Never Sleeps: Reasons to Engage in Business Social Marketing


Every time we boot up our computers and connect to the Internet, we see seemingly endless streams of text, pictures and videos. We read some, view many and watch a little. From its inception in the 1990s, the Internet has evolved from a place where people can connect and enrich their personal lives. Now, it is a competitive marketplace where businesses entice us with their products and services. Everyone must keep up with the latest developments, for we become outdated if we neglect to participate.

Here are some numbers for you to look at:

If each one of us updates our websites, uploads fresh content for blogs and conducts searches for relevant information, the numbers above will surely rise. Same thing happens for businesses and advertising firms that operate online. If the Net is already filled with variety now, how much more can we actually experience if everyone contributes new content every day?

When businesses first started to see the potential of utilizing the Net for promotion purposes, they got amazed with the high rates of investment returns. You can achieve the same results if you properly advertise your business using applicable social marketing tools. Many of these tools are free of charge with no maintenance costs, unless you’ve applied for premium memberships. Take advantage of the free tools mentioned above and experiment with some of them. After you have gained proficiency, you can be sure to succeed in any social advertising plan you want to launch.

Whether you’re a contractor, a restaurateur or specialty-niche businessperson offering portable toilets, the Internet has a place for you. Everybody who wants to have a piece is granted a spot. Come on now, one and all, and see how social media can work well for your products and services!

Everyone must keep up with the latest developments,
for we become outdated if we neglect to participate.